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Competitive Analysis | Cortexom Innovation

Is Competitive Analysis help your content to stand out?

Definition of competitive analysis:

It is a strategy tool in market to observe your competitors in market it shows the
both competitors direct or indirect. It is better to keep the information of your rival
companies whose are competing you and can be in future. We can identify our
competitors by reading case studies, blog posts, news, podcasts and by using social
Direct Competitors:

These are the competitors who selling the same product which you are selling.
For example, if you are selling the biscuit then these competitors will surely
sell the biscuit.
Indirect Competitors:

These are the companies or competitors who are not selling the same product

like you but still compete you.

For example, if you are selling the biscuit then these competitors will surely sell
some other products but it can switch their products anytime and compete with you.
Competitive analysis helps your content to stand out. By using it we can compare your
company products and others company products. By using it we can plan the future
product of market, we can understand the need of market, understand the need of a
common man and also understand the rate of products. By using this analysis, we can
find in which company our products making technique is being copied. Its analysis the
focus of your rival company. We can make a list of topics and themes in which our rival
company focuses. By using it we create a uniqueness in our product we can understand
the difference between our products and other products. It takes easy for us to stand out
in crowd in business. It develops unique selling preposition why our brand or companies
is better than other brands or companies? Uniqueness in our product is very important
because the customer of the product prefer that product which has uniqueness and
more qualities than other products. Moreover, we can improve our products by using this
analysis and if your company products are too low quality than another company so we
can improve this product. Without analyzing our company can discover potential threats
which cause decrement in sales of products. Moreover, in analysis you will see the
technical methods of your rival companies to increase their sales, quality and to win the
trust of customer and the most important thing to improve the skill to attract the customer
towards your content or your product. In competitive analysis we also collect the
information about your competitors services and staff which is working. In analysis we
should have information about competitors employees list and ask your rival company
customers which is the special thing that attracts you towards this company. We should
note that comments of public or customers of our rival company. We should be serious
about every customer feedback and we try to avoid that mistakes that our rival
companies are doing. In this analysis we find that mistakes and solve it by using our
skills of team of company. By using this competitive analysis, we grow our content to
stand out in a huge crowd or a market. If content quality is bad then the results of
competitive analysis should be bad because content is the most important part of the

analysis, when a good customer buys a content or a product of your company then he
has no concern about your company rank or sales but some customers prefer the
demand of product but some not prefer the rank of the company. Improvement in content
with the passage of time is the most important thing for good results of competitive
analysis. Mostly in organizations and companies there are number of expectations of
customers is being ignored but in competitive analysis we understand the expectations
of people or customer to stand out in a huge crowd of marketing. In analysis, we should
understand that we are servants of our customers. The important thing is this we should
that quality of content what customers want don’t I want to sell. In competitive analysis,
we also analyze the loyalty of customers with the other companies and the loyalty of
customers with our company or organization. In competitive analysis we analyze the
number of employees in other companies and the number of employees in our company,
their efficiency of working, time duration of working hours of labors of competitors
companies, their decision-making sense, relationship between employees and company
owner etc. There are some pet formulas and rules of every company for progress that
rules or formulas can be beneficial for others. In competitive analysis, we found that
some companies that better in quality than our company, that have better contents or
products that our contents or products after this analysis we should step up our contents
or products equal or above than those top-level companies for the progress of our
company. The main purpose of competitive analysis to capture the mistakes in our
organization or a brand and compare with different competitors, organizations or
companies. Competitive analysis is a healthy activity and is the most important analysis
in any organization or company to help the content to stand out in the huge crowd of
marketing. Competitive analysis is the only way to judge your organization or company ‘s
contents quality, customer satisfaction and improvement in your organization and
organization contents. It is a different task or a kind of suffer to find the mistakes in your
whole organization so there is a small technique which is the only technique which
identify and examine problems in organization and also compare the results with other
organizations which is most necessary thing that we want to do to compare the contents
of your company with other company products. As a result of all this, to survive your
contents in the market we need a content to has uniqueness in it, that is different from
other competitors’ contents in quantity and quality. So finally, we can say that
competitive analysis is the only technique to help our product to stand out in market.

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