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Avoid backlash SMM | Cortexom Innovation

How to avoid backlash SMM?

Social Media :
Social media is a great place for brands to connect, communicate and engage with customers. The social media platforms provide a quick and easy way to directly interact with customers. All the brands whether big or small are harnessing the power of social media to create loyal customers, brand advocates and brand influencers in the competitive digital space. Making your presence on the social media is a must
to create an enriching overall digital experience with your customers. But before joining the social media, you as a brand need to have a contingency plan in place. Like the famous proverb “hope for the best but prepare for the worst”. Even with your best of abilities, good intentions, there will be times when customers are not happy and they may lash their frustrations using social media. You need to take the good with the bad. Negative comments, complaints, customer grievance are all part of social media

How to avoid backlash
 Do not delete negative comments
 Take the conversation offline
 Do not provide a generic response

 Have a dedication team/person
 Integrate social channels with CRM
Do not delete negative comments:
If u notice a customer leaving a bad review or a negative comment, do not ever delete comment to come across as a good brand .Deleting a comment will frustrate the customer further ad can lead to many more people to join the frustration gang.
Instead, if there is a mistake from your end, be humble and apologize the inconvenience and provide a solution. Be sincere, transparent and genuine in your communication .Try to respond quickly especially when it is negative, do not take more than an hour to respond because customers expect a quick reply on social media
Take the conversation offline:
Not all conversation can be made in public. It is better to stop negative comments at the earliest and take the conversation offline. Provide a phone number or e mail ID to reach out in time to discomfort. Always handle tough responses in one to one manner rather
than in public. Remember that many other are watching on social media.
Do not provide a generic response:
Providing a generic response will frustrate the customers more. Do not depend on templates to help u in tough time. Always address the customers by name and provide
specific answer to the problem. Tell your customers what to do next if they have any problem with your product. Direct term to help center, custom support and state the exact time needed to fix the issue. If u do not have the solution ask for more time and
communicate when your team back with the solution. Be specific, personal, clear, honest and transparent in your response. Have a dedicated tea .When u are present on social
media, negative comments are common thing to expect. Do not expect it to go smoothly always. To handle negativity, have a dedicated, trained team who knows how to conduct in public space and manage the brand image. Though it seems like a additional cost, it pays back heavily in tough time. It is advisable to have a trained, dedicated team or
person and a clear escalation to deal with the problem.
Integrate social channels with CRM:
Integrate social channels with customer management tools will help u track ad manage our customer better. Considering various social channels, it is almost impossible to track them all manually. Depending on the customer volume engagement, priorities, social,
channels. Once u link your social media channels with CRM, it is easy to unified notifications from across channels. Always keep your response simple, clear ad short. A
good rule is to finish your response well I three sentence. Always remember u are interacting with a human on the other end be humble, friendly and polite in your
response. Having a social media policy, FAQ pages, and crisis management plan will come in handily.

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