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“Best 10 ways to advertise your business online”

Online Business:
A process through which one can provide goods and services to
his/her customers electronically/digitally is online business.
Advertisement of Online Business:
A process through which one can enhance
his/her business growth through ICT ( Information and
Communication technology) is online advertisement of business.

Followings are some business icons who are leading the online
business market.

  1. Jeff Bezos (Owner of Amazon)
  2. Jeff Taylor (CEO of DEVISE)
  3. Dom Wells (Owner of website) (Human proof designs)
  4. Binny Bansal (Founder of flipkart)
  5. Jack Ma (Founder of Alibaba)
    There are many others who are leading the online business
    market. Now the question arises how they become so successful.
    There are two basic requirements that are necessary for one to
    become a successful online market leading icon.
    Who is an Entrepreneurs?
    He is a person who has a unique and new idea for his business.
    Four skills of a entrepreneurs are:
  6. Organization and Management
  7. Innovation and Creativity
  8. Risk taking and achievement
  9. Policy Making
    That are the skills that are essential to be acquired by a
    successful entrepreneurs .
    Importance of Entrepreneurship:
     Without entrepreneurship skills, person cannot survive in
    on online business market for long because of lack of new

ideas. So entrepreneurship is the key and basic requirement
to start an online business.
 Another basic requirement to become a successful online
market leading icon is advertisement of your business. This
is very important that how much and how one advertise
his/her business because without advertisement , one
cannot spread his ideas or products to each and every
person. So, one should be very conscious about the proper
advertisement of his/her business.
Following are the ways through which one can advertise his/her
business online:

  1. Social Media Marketing :
    In social media marketing, you have to make your
    business profile in different social media platforms like on
    Facebook , you can create a page of your business in which you
    can promote your products worldwide by uploading their
    pictures, specs and their prices. Moreover , you can create your
    business page or profile on Instagram , YouTube , reddit etc. This
    is the simplest and easiest way to advertise your business and
    promote your products to your customers world-wide. Moreover
    , you can also promote your social accounts in newsletters and e-
    mail signatures. You can ask your family members , and your
    friends to like and share your page so that it will be advertised as
    fast as possible.
  2. WhatsApp Business:

WhatsApp business is an app in
Which people make their business accounts and do sales
communications with other to increase their sales online. It is a
free app to download accessible on android and iPhone and was
worked in light of the entrepreneur .WhatsApp business makes
collaborating with clients simple by giving instruments to
robotize , sort and rapidly react to the messages of your

  1. Paid Marketing:

One can do paid marketing if he/she
Wants to increase his/her business area and to overcome other
cities. This is a very beneficial technique for who sellers.
Through paid marketing you can show your products to
everyone by doing paid marketing campaigns. By this, local as
well as foreign customers will know more about yours products
and your sales can increase rapidly. Paid marketing is a very
cheap way to advertise your business online.

  1. To make your content:

Content means to sum up all
Your products in an online catalogue that contains picture and
videos of all of your products and your shop. This is a very easy
approach for your customer to know more about your business
and products because of through this online catalogue , your
customer can check all of your products and know more about
your business.

  1. Local Listing:

Local listing means to register your
Business in online directory. For example if a customer search
on Google for chairs, then Google will suggest him a number of
shops. This might be possible that your shop is also suggested in
them. Basically, a local listing contains your business name,
address, and contact number which is collectively reffered as
“NAP” data. This is helpful for the one who wants to approach
and wants to know more about one’s business online. So, one
should must register his/her business on Google my business.
This can be very beneficial for the one who register himself on
Google my business because in this case Google is suggesting
your shop to both categories of customer the one who knows
about your ship or business as well as to the one who do not
knows about your shop or your business.

  1. Blogging:
    Blogging is another simple way to advertise
    Your business online. It is a stage where a gathering of
    journalists share their perspectives on an individual subject. A
    blog is a website that is published on world wide web showing
    data in converse sequential request, with the most recent posts
    showing up first, at the top. You can ask and pay some famous
    bloggers to add a blog of your business or you can do blogging
    to advertise your business as well.
  2. Podcasting:

Podcasting is a process in which we ask a
host or a host invites us from any social media platform like
youtube, to invite you and take your interview. In this interview,
you can give information about your business and make people
know more about you and your ideas through this platform.
Podcasting is always a one-to-one conversation. It is the best
way to advertise yourself and your business because here you
can reveal your ideas by yourself that might be helpful to the
beginners that want to start an online business. If you are a
beginner and you want your video to be podcasted then you can
ask him to take your interview and podcast it but if you are
already a successful online market leading icon then the host
himself can approach you and ask you for your interview
because in this case you are beneficial for him to increase his
rating and for the one who wants to know more about online

  1. Through different applications:
    If you are doing Online business and you
    want to advertise it more and more than you can take help of
    different applications like , , Ali express ,
    E-bay etc. Where you can make your online stores to maximize
    you sale. Just you have to do is to add pictures along with the
    prices and description of your products. This will advertise your
    products and store globally and your sale can reach its peak

within days and you can become one of successful online market
leading icons.

  1. Make your own website:

A website is a set of related
Content and web pages that is created by a single person or an
organization to express themselves. It is another useful way
through which one can promote his business. One should make
his own website. For example, if a person wants to start an
electronics appliances business, then he/she could make a
website such as , www.SafdarButtElectronics can where his
customer can know each and everything about electronics items
at the best price with best quality.

  1. Internet Forum:

An internet forum is a segment or
a source that allows different guests to conversate with one
another by posting messages or media. Most discussion permit
mysterious guests to see gathering postings. However expect
you to make a record to post messages in the discussion. There
are a number of a web forums like, flicker and
flashback forum etc. that are helpful for one to advertise his/her
business online.
There is a number of ways by which one can advertise his/her
business online. A few of them are discussed as above. If one
properly chose one of them multiple of them and manage it

properly and with hard work , he can definitely increase his/her
sale and can reach up to the peak level of sale and can become a
online market leading icon.

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