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Best social media platforms in 2021

Top 8 best most popular social media sites in 2021 are as follow:-


(1):-You tube:

I think this is one platform that does not need any introduction and it indeed is an entirely different world Which is filled with an endless number of videos which people can like ,dislike,share and comment on to express their views.Beware you tube can get a little harsh if you try and pick fights with every comment You feel is negative .My advice would be to keep calm and and carry on because its a waste of time to go to you tube .The website with in of the largest data base of videos and pick fights woth people who donot matter that much.


Facebook is where the game changed for the internet forever,while internet earlier was used ,majority by the citizens of the first world .It was basically for official purposes and did not had much to do with their personal lives but ever since face book came everything sped up . Advertising , marketing , trolling every thing started on this one platform and even today when people claim that face book is losing its popularity it gets roughly 7000 people registered in every 15 minutes .It is even popular in china where its ban by the government. Facebook recently came under a lot of black lash After it came under the
scanner of the fedaral US court of law for steling user data and selling it to analytic companies which use them in their advertisements .Which made it easy to the advertisers to reach their target audience for their brand or a specific product .Nevertheless almost everyone today who has access to internet has a face book account too.The social Networking giants Is now heading towards Building an OS

For smartphone to compete with googles android and ios .


The begining of extremely popular platform was not much close to how its present has turned out to be. Instagram started out as a place to express yourself with photos and videos and frankly it started out a decade ago our phones were not able to record or capture moments .Even if we did access to the internet was also very limited .As a result turning instagram to a community of people who wanted to share their interesting captures with everyone they knew.Hash tags made you connect to the people from around the world and while you can still do all that and more today instagram has become more of
a mass medium .While not everyone is on instagram and it has much lesser people then facebook instagram hosts an insane amount of photos videos on a regular basis . Instagram merge with facebook only helped the company as its user bass expands rapidly after the acuisition by the letter in 2012 .Seems like a win win for every ones right.


Tumblr is not particularly popular aming the masses especialy in India bjt it has generated enough audience to hold a steady ground in the exalting compitition . You should definetely give tumblr a shot espacialy if you are intrested in micro bloging and the photo jenroulism property also flourishing And since it doesnot have a crazy amiunt of audience more probably not all your friends and family will be their so .It can be quite zone in the Network.

(5):-Tik tok:

Tik tok is one of the only platforms that people are realey in live with or cant stand the sight of . A video sharing platform to express ones talent in any way possible giving in the option of lip sync which although had been tried the market before but no one expanded like tik tok did . starting in beijing
tik tok garnered a huge amout of youngsters who were realey about the hooked up to the app. It recently
got banned becuase they thought the app was realey addictive and youngsters specially students are getting distracted from studies.


Twitter should officialy be named as the source of news for the teenagers and youngsters as it hosts a crazy large number of peoples and the most popular celebrity who woukd rather be ij twitter then divert to facebook and instagram .A popular tech website called the teen cruch wrote in 2013 , in 2018 twitter had fewer then 11 million users and further wrote twitter current filling plaves a roughly 11 .9 billion dollars value on the company.Even the famous CEO of face book mark zucker burg tried to buy twitter twice and unfortunately twitter for him did not sell out to its biggest competitor because it knew the potential of its 180 characters word limited had .And the celebrities start to join it twitter became a media favourite and a media of its on .

(7):-Snap chat :-

Snap chat much like tik tok find its best audience in the people in their twenties. Luring them in inovative all based filters and providing privacy like no other know does .Completely end to end but it says it like tik tok would not be fair at all the innovations that allows you to
follow snaps of the people. From around the globe talk to them . The added layer of the security notifies you when some one has taken a snap of one of your photos. Or conversation which also dissapears after some time when its done .

8)Telegram :-

Some people might its not wise to say telegram is a social network Bit right know it is the most trusting message app in marketing conery on the issue of Privacy that in boost Its competitors lack And while it might be true to an sextent , more surprising thing about telegram how is easy to considering its high standard oh privacy .There nor is one on of those .to the whole class.

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