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Best social media platforms in2021 | Cortexom Innovcation

Best social media platforms in 2021
There are so many amazing social media platforms but let first
discuss. What is social media platform?

What does platform mean in social media?
Social media platform means a mobile and/or internet based platforms used and controlled by a seller or any of its affiliated. Asocial platform exhibits a social media network’s technological and user specific characteristic from a user perspective, a social platform enables communities, sharing of content, adding friend, setting privacy control and other native social media network features.

What is the future of social media?

As 2020 rolls on, an increasing number of digital marketers will start to create high-quality, short-format video content across platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. Video as a marketing channel for social media will become the norm. Second on the list of the most popular social media platforms in 2020 is YouTube with 2 billion
active users Best social media platforms
Facebook is where the game changed for the internet, forever. While internet earlier was used, majorly by the citizens of the First World, it was basically for official purposes and
didn’t have much to do with their personal lives. But ever since Facebook came, everything sped up. Advertising, Marketing, Trolling, everything started on this one platform. And even today, when people claim that Facebook is losing its popularity, it gets roughly 7000 people registered in every 15 minutes. It is even popular in China where it’s banned by the government.


I think this is one platform that doesn’t need an introduction. And it indeed is an
entirely different world which is filled with an endless number of videos which people can like, dislike, share, and comment on to express their views. Beware, youtube can get a little harsh if you try and pick fights with every comment you feel is negative. My advice would be to keep calm and carry on because it’s a waste of time to go to YouTube, the website with one of the largest database of videos, and pick fights with people who
don’t matter that much.


The beginning of this extremely popular platform was not much close to how it’s present has turned out to be. Instagram started out as a place to express yourself through photos and videos, and frankly when it started out a decade back, our phones weren’t that capable to record or capture moments. Even if we did, access to internet was also pretty limited, as a result turning Instagram into a community of people who wanted to share
their interesting captures with everyone they know. Hash tags made you connect to people from around the world, and while you can still do all that and more, today instragram has become more of a mass medium. While not everyone is on Instagram and it has much lesser people than Facebook, Instagram hosts an insane amount of videos and photos on a regular basis. Instagram’s merger with Facebook only helped the
company as its user base expanded rapidly after that acquisition by the latter in 2012. Seems like a win- win for everyone right?

Tumblr is not particularly popular amongst the masses especially in India but it has generated enough audience to hold a steady ground in the exalting competition.  You should definitely give Tumblr a shot especially if you’re interested in micro-blogging, and the photo journalism community is also flourishing. And since it does not have a crazy amount of audience and most probably not all your friends and family will be there so, it can be a quiet zone in the network!

Twitter should officially be renamed as “The Source of News” for the teenagers and youngsters as it hosts a crazy large number of people and the most popular celebrities who would rather be on Twitter than divert to Facebook or Instagram. A popular tech website called the Tech Crunch wrote in 2013, “In 2008, Twitter had fewer than 11 million
users,” and further wrote , “Twitter’s current IPO filing places a roughly $11.9 billion value on the company.” Even the famous CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, tried to buy Twitter, twice. And unfortunately for him, Twitter didn’t sell out to its biggest competitor because it knew the potential its 180-characters world limit had. And as Celebrities
started to join in, Twitter became a media favorite and a media of its own.


TikTok is one of the only platforms that people are either completely in love with or
can’t stand the sight of. A video-sharing platform to express one’s talent in any way possible, giving in the option of lip sync, which although had already been tried in the market before but no one expanded like Tik Tok did. Starting in Beijing, Tik Tok
garnered a huge number of youngsters who were really about to be hooked to the app. It recently even got banned because the Indian Courts felt like the app was too addictive and youngsters especially students are getting distracted from studies.

Snapchat, much like Tik Tok, finds its perfect audience in the people in their twenties. Luring them with innovative AI based filters and providing privacy like no one else does. Completely end-to-end. But to say it’s like Tik Tok would not be fair at all to the innovation that allows you to follow snaps of people from around the globe, talk to them, the added layer of security notifies you when someone has taken a snap of one
of your photos or conversations, which also by the way disappears once it is done with.

So imagine a social media where you see things that are not just posted on that specific
platform, but on the whole internet. That’s what Pinterest does. According to your interests you’ll see images, gifs and short videos that you can then pin and others can see your pins and follow you if they find your pins good enough. It’s even a great way to be explored in this huge ocean of interest by people of the same interest and maybe you can even show them your own artwork too. On what factors social media platform ranked
A social media platform can be ranked on different characters.
 Like the way they increase sale.
 connecting audiences.

 provide a gateway between different person
and workers.
 drive website traffic.
 providing information, etc.

Because of so many different purpose to use social media there can be more than one best platform for everyone. Like there can be a platform for one and everyone according to there on taste .A person who like acting can use TikTok for their entertainment or a person who like blogs and blogging can use Instagram for their use. Or a person who love spreading or reading information can use Twitter. Like a person who want everyone to know what his doing. Or to show other what he had can use snapchat. A person who has a big friend circle and want to talk with everyone can use WhatsApp. A person who want to know what’s happening around him or to see the world while sitting on a sofa or to get entertain will be please to know about


A person who wants everything in one platform can use Facebook.

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