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Best way to increase your website authority.

Website authority is an imaginary concept of an SEO tool
Whether we call it domain name ranking, domain name
authorization, website authorization, or any other function. They
all have same meaning and they try to measure the relative
“strength” of the websites backlink profile compared to other
websites in the index.
Domain Rating denotes the overall strength of a website’s
backlink profile and when we say strength, it isn’t just a
complete numbers game we look at both quantity and quality
of the links pointing at a website.
Now, Domain Rating isn’t straight it’s considered on a
logarithmic scale from 0 to 100 to understand this scale a bit
better, think of it like gaining status in a video game.

The higher a page authority score one of your web pages
receive, the better chance it has of ranking high on Google’s
search engine results pages, after all.
Here are the 12 actionable tips that can improve our website
Tips that can increase our website authority:

  1. Do Quality Link Building
  2. Never Stuff Unnecessary Affiliate Links
  3. Improve Internal Linking Structure
  4. Create Amazing Content
  5. Develop a Mobile-Friendly Website
  6. Promote Content on Social Media
  7. Improve Loading Speed
  8. Optimize On-Page SEO
  9. Publish Guest Blogs
  10. Purchase Expired Doman’s
  11. Maintain Frequency of Posting
  12. Go for Blog Commenting
    Now we go thorough these points in detail.
    1- Do Quality Link Building:

By the term, quality link mean to naturally build links on the
website whose root domain has a high domain
authority. Usually , the DA of the website where you are
building links should be higher than your website’s DA.
Moreover, the links must be Do Follow so that the linking
website can pass the link juice to your website and boost your
website’ DA and SEO value. If u can get a do follow backlink on
the website that has more than 60 DA, that’d be great.

Avoid buying link building services to increase domain authority
such as 500 social bookmarking, 500 blog comments, 500
directory submission and 500 article submission in a day
because all these come under negative SEO and can be very
harmful for your site.
2- Never Stuff Unnecessary Affiliate Links:

Google has become very strict to the website which are placing
irrelevant and misguiding affiliate and spams links on the
You can indeed place promotional links but ensure that the
links are relevant and adding value to the user
experience. Otherwise, your website would look like scamp
and may lose its authenticity in due time.
3- Improve Internal Linking Structure:

Internal linking makes your website accessible across the
web. If you site relevant links of other webpages inside a
particular blog or article, users can comfortably switch around
your website and keep engaging with your content.
Through internal linking, you are giving enough enough reason
to users to stay on your website and that will improve the
overall number of sessional and time to spent on your website
and that would result into a satisfactory user experience.
Furthermore, links to related posts or relevant webpages inside
a web would make your website easily crawlable to
bots. Google crawlers can easily access the page through
internal linking.

4- Create Amazing Content:

One of the most critical factors for SEO and domain authority is
to have as many natural links as possible. It is a simple
calculation. Google and Mos. determine that if more websites
refer to your website, your website becomes authoritative and
trustworthy so users would likely to get quality content and
service from your website.
Hence , how can you strengthen your DA.
But to get links naturally, you need to upload linkable content.
Just like you, every single website on the internet tries to
provide a great user experience to their visitors.So, if your
content improves the quality of other website’s content,they
would happily link your webpage.
Hence, the best way to get natural links is to create content
that people love to link in their sites.It could be a case
study,facts of about a particular niche anything that your
relevant websites can mention on their website is linkable
5- Develop a Mobile-Friendly Website:

Mobile friendliness is not a new concept in 2019.Today, most of
our internet traffic comes from mobile devices.So,you cannot
ignore the power of smartpjones in today’s world.
Furthermore, Google also follows mobile-first indexing in their
algorthim.So, to make your website not only accessible but
trustworthy,make it easily accessible on mobile phones.
6- Promote Content on Social Media:

Social media can help your domain authority indirectly.
But first, the audience needs to know that there is a website of
yours that provide quality content and helpful tips. You need to
create awareness about the existence of your website, and the
best way to do the same is through social media.
Social media can help you improve your followership while
letting you share your content on their platform for free.
After creating relevant social media accounts, start with an
initial social media marketing plan to boost your brand
awareness. You can share your blogs, creatives, voids etc. Then,
it will strengthen your brand value and help you generate
website traffic.
7- Improve Loading Speed:

Nobody likes to wait in today’s fast-paced life. Slow websites
give frustrating user experience and also affect the authority
of the websites.
The visitors would exit your website and may not visit it ever
again if the page takes more time to load. Moreover, slow
website loading speed increase the bounce rate and that
affects the ranking of your website.
So, don’t test the patience of your visitors and give them
instant access to your website by improving the loading speed.
You can use the tools like GT Metrix and Google Page Insights
to know the existing loading speed of your website. These tools
also give you the idea of the files that need to be optimized and
the images that you should edit or compress for better loading
8- Optimize On-Page SEO:

On-page SEO is the foundation of building the domain
authority and the on-page SEO factors determine the niche of
your website and what the webpages offer.
When the crawlers come to your website, they read the on-
page SEO parameters to determine whether the particular
website or the domain is capable of serving the user.Crawlers
match your on-page SEO parameters with the search queries.
If the on-page SEO elements are optimized and relevant, your
domain authority would be benefited and your ranking will
improve too.
9- Publish Guest Blogs:

Guest posts are a great way to build genuine links for your
website while contributing content to a relevant website.
You can cite your website in the content or also mention it in
your bio. This way, your website will get link juice from the
websites where you publish your post.
However, ensure that you are publishing your blog on the
relevant website as the relevancy plays a crucial role in
improving the authority of a website.
If related webpage mentions your website’s domain name, it
will transfer high-quality link juice to your website and
eventually strengthening the domain authority of your website.
10- Purchase Expired Domains:

Expired domains often have high DA. So, you can keep an eon
auctions that takes place on websites to grab the domain for
your business.

GoDaddy Auctions, Sedro and Felipa are leading websites that
host domain auctions and allow domain reselling activities.
When u purchase an expired domain, check the domain age
because the age plays a crucial role in the DA. The older the
domain, the higher its authority.
Also, verify what kind of content was previously published on
the website. You can check the history of the domain from
An expired domain is a better option compared to a new
domain. The DA of a new domain is always zero while the
expired domains might have some DA, so you can quickly get
your website ranked and improve the DA if you use the expired
11- Maintain Frequency of Posting:

Well, frequently does not mean that you publish three articles
per day. But when you publish articles, thru should have a value
to provide the readers.
If you keep publishing extraordinary posts on your website, you
will gradually build authorship for yourself and authority of a
website. People would subscribe to your newsletters, follow
your website on social media and it for the new post to go live.
The engagement on your website will improve as the number
of comments an your posts will be improved, the overall social
share will rise. This interaction with your website enhances the
domain authority of your website.
12- GO for Blog Commenting:

Blog Commenting is an old technique of SEO but still helps the
websites to build authority online.
Keep reading the leading blogs and various websites that have
good engagement on the web, You can genuinely read their
articles and comment on your views of the post.
This way, you are creating engagement on other websites and
attracting more eyes for your website. Since the website would
have an engaged audience, if your comment is useful, people
may interact and respond to your comment and also may visit
your website. Eventually, you can create awareness of your
website’s existence of the web if you do blog commenting.

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