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social media management

Does social media management tool help you organize
your media library?

Yes, Social Media Management helps you to organize your media library. It is very
a powerful thing to grow your business globally.

What is Social Media Management?
Social media is a powerful tool for making or setting up the right things for
You can use it to find new people to find accessories. Social media available
the wide variety of connections your business has online the environment of
its customers, prospects, institutions, and its employees.
Social media management defines community engagement that should be
done by the business communication, target audience, and what content
should be published.
It explains how to respond to customers and how to call users to others
social media, or even online shopping.
The communication manager plays an important role. This function is usually
represented in one person, but if the work is well organized, the role can be
divided into other activities. And in simplified communication settings, it can be
Benefits of managing social media
Among the various benefits of communication, the most important is the
production that online media brings to the marketing work. Let’s look at a
few of these.

  1. Find time for real-time interactions
    The most important benefit of managing your social media is that it will free
    you to focus on real-time synergies. Communication is fast-paced on social
    If you did not plan to upgrade, you will not be available when someone asks
    you a sensitive question on one of your social networks, because you will be
    arrested to make your plan. This can create a lost opportunity and
    frustration among users.
  2. Optimize content usage
    By managing social media well, you can expand your content
    data. Content creation is an investment. If you do not use/reuse
    content, you do not get a good return on that investment.
  3. Centralize stats in one place
    Build and manage your social media in an organized way, and it will be easier
    to submit your single report, get relevant data, and be able to see the value
    of your work.

What you need to know about Social Media Tools
When you are looking to start building a communication campaign, you can
be frustrated. You know you need social media analytics tools, but you don’t
know where to start.

The Modern Social Workflow

To understand what tools are needed for a successful communication
campaign, you need to look at the process. It is helpful to view social media
management as a loop with four distinct steps:
• Content creation. You need to come up with a consistent stream of
ideas and ideas. After that, you need to sit down, edit these ideas,

and create content. This may include blog posts, videos,
infographics, and more.
• Publishing content. Once your content has been created, it needs
to be shared with the world. Many tools allow this process to
happen automatically. You need to take your time to decide if you
want to use free channels, or if you want to pay for additional
• Listening and responding. Good content will open the door to
dialogue between your product and its audience. You need to be
willing to listen to their responses and to participate. Listening also
means staying up to date with the latest trends. You should use
them themselves to create timely and relevant content.
• Content analysis and comparison. The last step is to take a closer
look at your results to see what works and what doesn’t. If you
don’t know if your efforts are working or not, you can simply flip
your wheels.

Are Social Media Tools Useful for My Business?

In their power, communication tools are needed if you want to build
a presence on any platform. And building this presence is worthwhile. Access
to social media is amazing. Here is an average of the active users of other
major social media platforms:
• Facebook: 890 million.
• Google+: 359 million.
• Twitter: 288 million.
• Instagram: 300 million.
The good news is that you do not have to be present on all platforms.
Choose one or two that make the most of your business and start there. It is
better to have a solid presence on one site than with limited availability of
How much does social media management cost?
On average, companies spend $ 4000 to $ 7000 a month on social media
management. These investments include developing and maintaining social

media marketing and marketing strategies, as well as the use of monthly ads
and tool subscriptions. Depending on your business, you may have higher or
lower communication costs. You can use this price range, however, to
establish a realistic budget for your social media marketing and marketing
Why invest in social media management services?
Social media gives your company a great opportunity to grow your product
and your business. It is a challenge for many organizations, especially small
businesses (SMBs), to set aside time and resources for communication
That is why many invest in social media management services, which offer
the following benefits:
Save time: Time is one of the most common causes for companies discarding
social media. When you hire a telecommunications company, you get a
partner in charge of all your communication efforts. Save time without
sacrificing the money channel.
Get a social media expert: Social media management services also have you
consulted with a professional. You do not have to worry about the time or
cost of hiring a social media specialist. Instead, you can quickly access other
Maintain a quality strategy: The social media agency also ensures that your
communication strategy stays efficient and up to date. They keep (and work)
continuously and improve the way you work to drive the results you want,
from product information to sales.
Reach aggressive goals: Like most companies, your business is probably
looking for measurable results from social media. You can have some
ambitious goals, such as achieving a certain number of followers. A
specialized communications agency can help you achieve these goals.

Top 10 social media management tools for 2021:

• Sprout Social
• Hootsuite
• Agorapulse
• Loomly
• Social Pilot
• Sendible
• Buffer
• Latter

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Competitor Analysis Tools

Do you know what your competitors are and what they offer?
Monitoring and assessing your competitor are important
because it allows you to see and respond to change in
the business landscape while helping you identify gaps in
the market and uncover new market trends. Competitor
monitoring can also give your insight into new products
or services your brand might want to develop and new
marketing or sales tactics that resonate with your target
If you really want to get to know the competition, you
need to conduct an analysis of your competitor. A
competitor analysis in marketing is a strategy where you
identify your brand, products, sales, and marketing

Competitor analysis allows you to keep an eye on what
similar brands are selling, what value they offer, and how
they market to the target audience. In addition to
competitor tracking, you can also create a competitor
response profile, which allows you to predict what
movies your competitors will make in the future based
on the insights, you’ve gained through research. This
information can later help you create your own
a comprehensive strategy that allows you to improve on
what your competitors are doing.
If you have never conducted a competitor analysis or the
The last analysis you ran is outdated or not detailed enough,
it may be time to create a new one. In this guide, we’ll
discuss how competitor analysis tools help you discover
new insights into the competition. We’ll also dive a little
deeper into how you can utilize the information you’ve
gathered in your analysis to get ahead of the
Why competitor analysis tools are a must-have

The good news though? there are a ton of competitor
analysis tools out there to help you quickly and efficiently
assess how you stack up against your top competitors.

And with the right tools on deck, you can spend less
trying to date on your competitors and more time
actually marketing.
Rather than spending too much time trying to spy on
your competitors, why not let some smart tools do the
leg work for you?
we have broken down a comprehensive list of
competitor analysis tools that will help you do exactly
 Competitor analysis tools for social media
 Competitor analysis tools for SEO
 Competitor analysis tools for content
 Competitor analysis tools for email ads and

What is a competitor analysis
Easy one
Identifying and evaluating your competitors. Their
strengths and weaknesses. How they compare to your
What level of brand awareness do your competitors give
in your market? More or less than your brand? Find their

prices, earnings reports, share prices, customer care
best practices, company culture, distribution, and a
a whole lot more.
Use these insights to fine-tune your brand’s marketing
strategy. To outsmart your competitors.
If you’d like more info, I suggest you read How to
conduct a competitor analysis. Recommended by
experts, it’s a comprehensive guide explaining the what,
why, and how of competitor analysis.
Why do competitor analysis?
I’ve already said that you’ll be able to boost your own
marketing strategy. You’ll find new areas of opportunity
that are proving successful to your competitors, that
you’ve missed. For instance, countries you should be
targeting that are working for them.
Okay…. Enough.
If you’d like to learn more, take a look at how to conduct
a competitor analysis. It’s a comprehensive guide
explaining the what, why, and how of competitor
Now let’s look at some tools ….

Best competitor analysis tools
Using competitor analysis tools software or apps will help
you find information about your competition’s marketing
strategies and the secrets to their success within your
shared market. competitor analysis tools like the 12 I’ve
found below will save you time while identifying data
you may normally miss.
The Cool thing? while these tools will help you
understand your competitors, they will also monitor your
own web performance and find the data on your
a company that you need to continuously improve.
Competitor analysis tools for social media
Quick search
I’m kicking off with my personal favorite.
Talk walkers powerful social media search engine- quick
search gives you an instant overview of your brand
online. brining extensive coverage of social networks,
news sites, blogs, and forums you will be able to monitor
the conversations surrounding your brand, the influences
talking about you, and the trends in your industry

working in real-time you can enter multiple brands- you
competitors- and compared sentiment with 90%
accuracy also discover audience demographics gender,
locations, mentions, and using filters you can dig deep
into trends and find the stories that are currently

Quick-search -enter the brand you want to compare, for
instant insights.
Boom! You know how your competitors are performing.
Areas you’re missing out on. Ideas for content creation
that are going to resonate with consumers.

Quick search – Nike v Reebok v Adidas – compare share
of countries.
Competitor analysis tools for SEO
SEMRush is one of the most widely used SEO tools on
the market, but its competitor analysis features set them
apart from the pack. for starters, you can use SEMRush
to pull your competitor’s backlinks and monitor changes
in their ranking

Here’s a sample dashboard after running a domain
analysis for freecodecamp.

And here’s the piece of the analysis which provides a by
the numbers view of who’s competing for their

This is an invaluable tool for understanding who your
competition is from a strictly SEO perspective. Likewise,
high lightening what keywords are targeted by
competitors directly influence your own content

Competitor analysis tools for content


Buzzsumo allows you to look at top-performing content
for relevant topics for your brand and specific
competitors. the to look at the piece of content in
judgment on social sites as well as its total shares across
the web.

Not only does this clue you in on who’s killing it in terms
of industry content, but also it helps you identify
potentially hot topics to explore yourself.

whether you are looking for movers and shakers in your
industry or simply a new idea for a blog post, Buzzsumo
provides you with a definitive answer.

Competitor analysis tools for emails ads and

Mail charts

email marketing is arguably one of the most Teddy
channels for competitive analysis.
Recognizing this mail charts aggregates emails from
compacting campaigns to help influence your own. in
addition to grabbing subject lines, mail charts pulls data
such a send frequency and compares it to your business
campaigns to see where your email stand.
Additionally, the tool compares your campaigns to there
own massive library of marketing emails to ensure you
are in tune with best practice ( think timing frequency
subject line length etc.)

Not only is a mail chart a powerful competitor analysis
tool, but its website offer a tone of email examples to
draw inspiration. pulling from some of the biggest
campaigns out there, you get a better idea of what today
top- performing emails look like.

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10 ways to increase your ROI in social media marketing

Importance of social media ROI
Scanning your social media earnings can help you to support budget requests by
showing that your investments are profitable to the company. On the other side,
if your ROI is low you can make improvements in your strategy and make
improvements. This means that measuring ROI is necessary for the growth of
marketing. Social media ROI also helps you to examine how much value you are
delivering to your audience.
Ways to increase your ROI in social media marketing.
1-Choose the right social channels for marketing
People do not consider it as a big point but it has a huge impact on social media
ROI. The network you are using for your promotion should be very good and

according to the requirement of people and your marketing. Consider these
targets while you are choosing your social media platform.
 Facebook has more clients of 1.1 billion users as compared to Twitter of 500
million users.
 Facebook collects 8% of sites hit on the web while Twitter collects only 1%.
 LinkedIn and Twitter prepared for B2B advertising, while Facebook
controls the world of the B2C market.
 The other biggest search engine is YouTube. It is another fantastic
marketing source to use.
Give focus on your network selection then you will earn good profits from
2-Keep your content different and positive
Quality content is also really important in digital marketing. It impresses your
audience and has a good impact on them some of the rules are given to follow.
 Every social network requires a special style and voice.
 Give a proper timetable for your work. And using social media only for
business or selling things rapidly distances clients.
 Always post positive content on your website and post interesting content
which attracts the audience.
Since it is not easy to produce new content all time, you need to produce relevant
content. Find relevant news, articles, pictures, videos, and slide shows.
3- Monitor your site actions and conversion funnel
When you have an eCommerce business, you can easily compute the direct
impact of your social media marketing through direct discussion from social in
your google analytics.
The main thing is to monitor your site behavior and conversion funnel channel. It
will make sure that you really have a good sense of conversion flow for your social
guests. You can use online networking power for more conversions by offering
special offers to your followers.
4-Keep your marketing team on observation

Give proper guidance to your team on which track they have to concentrate on.
Make a proper plan, set final goals, search for the best social media channels, and
remove the activities that are incapable. You have to give proper focus on your
team and guide them according to the requirements which will play a beneficial
role for your organization.
Adjust your social media strategies according to the requirement of people. You
are looking around for customer consideration, attention, time, interest, and
obviously cash. Make better things than other organizations.
5- Use Internal Links to control Your Traffic Magnets
 Take a view of the All Pages report in Google Analytics. Your site most likely
has a huge bunch of posts that draw in a major rate of collection visits,
frequently on the grounds that they rate well.
 Take a look at the high visits posts, check their content, and observe the
the difference between your post and make changes in your post fresh the
the content you have posted.
 When you are there you can do something else to raise your post and
make attractive your.
6-Equalization marketing
You can maintain your promotions with value-added content. You have to
keep 20 to 70 guidelines when you are ready to do. The importance of not
spamming and overselling your business on online networking cannot be appropriately highlighted. Create 80% organic content and 20% marketing.
7-Push user Engagement
It does not matter how big the organization is. Customers love to share their
personal opinion. Try to answer their comments as quickly as possible. No matter
whether they are asking questions or not. Try to busy your followers in the
greater part of your social channels. It gives respect and trust to customers and
customers feel comfortable working with you. Use customer feedback to make
further decisions.
8-Experiment of social media marketing

If you are fearful of taking risks you will not be able to gain something. If you want to
achieve something you have to take risks. For example, local publicizing, which
provides supported tweets, content, and Facebook stories eMarketer reports,
more than 73% of U.S dealers now offer some type of local developers.
“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different
results.” ~Albert Einstein

9-Use paid marketing
Many social media platforms are presenting you with the chance to make better and
upgrade your page. You can increase your earnings by boosting your posts on
Facebook, Instagram, and Quick social campaigns. Boosting your posts gives you a
good response in a small interval of time. Peoples who have never seen your post
will also see your post by boosting your post.
10-Build brand name with discounts and coupons
Social media users love discounts and coupons. In fact, many people follow brands
just to see the discounts on brands. Discounts and coupons also attract the buyers
who are buying for the first time. Modern customers prefer the brand which
gives them more discount than others. But you have to make your quality best so
that you will get the trust of the customers. Once you gain the trust of the
customers you also have to maintain it.
11-Reuse past good content
You can reuse your past content which was very like by your old customers. Pick
the past content upgrade it and it will be very useful because new customers like
it but old customers also like the upgrade version.

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Flexibility matter in your business

A firm’s ability to respond to changes in its environment both rapidly and at low
As a business owner, you may have come to the realization that you need to become
more flexible. You are not alone, more and more business owners have realized that
when they become more flexible, their employees are more receptive to their ideas
and more productive. Below you will find additional reasons why being flexible in
business can help you become more successful.

The Benefits of Being Flexible in Your Business
 Teamwork:
If you are flexible when it comes to your team and the projects they
are assigned; you will notice that they are more eager to get the project done. You
will see that your team is open to new ideas and new ways in which to accomplish
them. When your team is not stressed, but more relaxed when faced with a large
project, you will see positive results.

 Satisfaction:
As you become more flexible within your company, you will notice
that the level of job satisfaction your employee’s experience is at a much higher
level than it was previously. When people are afforded the ability to work in an
an environment that is not stressful, but more relaxed, they begin to produce work
that they are more satisfied with.
 Reduced Turnover:
When you have a team of satisfied, happy employees you are less likely to
experience high turnover rates. This means that your business will benefit from
having staff members who remain employed by the company for years rather than
months. Reduced turnover rates also provide your clients with the stability they
look for when working with a company.
 Discover New Talent:
As you become more flexible in your business practices, either by offering flexible
schedules or initiating new policies, you will be surprised at how much-hidden talent
you have in your company. Flexible positions, hours, and work options can allow you
to expand your workforce with individuals who possess talents you may not have
realized your business was in need of.
 Grow Your Business:
 It has been shown that businesses that operate with more flexibility in their day-to-day operations tend to grow at a faster pace than those that do not. This can be
attributed to the fact that people are happier working for a business that allows
them the freedom to do their job at the office or at home. This also allows
businesses to hire individuals who live in different locations to represent their
business in that locale. Being flexible is not something that business owners should
fear; rather it is something that can actually help you take your business to the
next level. If you have been searching for a way to breathe fresh life into your
business, you may discover that flexibility is all that you need.

Flexible Working
The working arrangements where employees

have an option in terms of working time, working
location and the pattern of working.
Examples of Working Place:

Benefits of Flexible Working ( for a Business)

Advantages of Flexibility in a Business
 In the contemporary world, a small business must be flexible. If your
business is too rigid, then it will fail. Rapid changes will occur- in technology
and also in the economy – which means that only businesses that are flexible so
that they can adapt to these changes will succeed, which will give them a
massive advantage over the more-rigid business. You should seek to promote
flexibility in your business. You can do this by encouraging your employees
to find new ways of doing business that is better. You should also be
brave enough to do away with policies that do not work because there are
advantages that come with promoting flexibility in your business.
Working from home Flexi-time Job Sharing
Part-time working Career breaks Annual Hours Contracts
Term-time working Shift Swapping Mobile Working

Costs Better Customer Services More Applicants

Higher job satisfaction & employee morale

 The most flexible business offers its employees a more diverse range of
options. These make it easier for their employees to lead personal lives
that are more fulfilling, while also enabling the employees to meet their
work commitments. One factor that can help is to allow your employees to
telecommute – or at least, to offer them a flexible work schedule. This
would be a boon to your employees since it would benefit those who have
families or other responsibilities. Another example of a flexible business is
that you could consider allowing job sharing, so that you could split one job
among two employees, who each work part-time, rather than having one
employee who works full-time. You will be allowing the two job-sharing
employees to have more flexibility in their scheduling, thereby enabling
them to become more productive. When you accommodate your employee’s
needs like this, you enable your employees to become more loyal to your
company, so that it becomes easier for you to retain your best employees
who might otherwise have left the company, had your company offered only
a rigid schedule.
 Of course, when your business is flexible, it will accommodate your
employees’ needs and schedules, which means that they will have a
healthier work-life balance, and they will be more satisfied with their jobs.
Such satisfied employees will be more likely to stay with your company. You
will get to hold on to your best employees and enjoy increased productivity
from them. Also, you won’t have to deal with a high turnover, which happens
when employees aren’t satisfied with a business, so you will not need to fill
vacant positions as frequently, so you will save on hiring costs.

 A more flexible business will grow more quickly than a rigid business
because it is always seeking processes and methods that work better than
those it currently has. Such a business will also utilize technology, which
will enable its employees to work remotely and to collaborate virtually.
Such teamwork tends to be more productive than other work structures,
while also costing much less to maintain. A flexible business will also
identify more opportunities in the environment and will take advantage of
these opportunities, thereby enabling itself to profit in environments in
which more rigid companies wouldn’t be able to prosper. There are too

many benefits of a flexible business to list, but these are most of them.
When you enable your company to become adaptable, it is able to evolve
with the times, and it will survive longer, becoming continually more

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Why are Social Media Algorithms So Controversial | Cortexom Innovcation

Social Media is an Internet-based media and a highly interactive mass communication platform. Unlike traditional media, social media reduces limitations on the creation and release of content by users. Recent years have observed the rise of a circumstance in which many topics spark heated debates, which shows the collective attention regarding public events. Social media opens a way for analyzers to learn public emotions, moods, and opinions. The controversy is a disagreement, often a public one that involves different ideas or opinions about something (from the Cambridge Dictionary). The research efforts on investigating the controversy on social media.

An algorithm is a mathematical set of rules identifying how a group of data behaves. In social media, algorithms help to maintain order and assists in ranking search results and advertisements. On Facebook, for example, there is an algorithm that directs pages and content to display. Algorithms are always unmistakable and are used as specifications for performing the following tasks:
Data processing.
Computerized reasoning.

As an effective method, an algorithm can be expressed within a finite amount of space and time.
Social Media Algorithms:
Social media algorithms are a way of sorting posts in a user’s feed based on relevancy instead of publishing time. Social networks prioritize which content a user sees in their feed first by the likelihood that they will want to see it. As of last year, there were approximately 4 billion internet users, and of these users, about 3 billion were on social media. Since algorithms that naturally make decisions about content can be said to be simply “following orders” from those that automated them and utilize them on social media platforms.

Types of Social Media Algorithms:
Social media algorithms vary by platform. Therefore, you can break it down by social media brand. The main platforms are Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn In, Twitter, and Instagram. New social network sites will have a hard time succeeding unless they have a unique function. Instagram and Pinterest fit the bill. The adoption rate of both sites is quite high, especially in the US where 10% of surfers have already discovered Pinterest and 7% are using Instagram. Also, users of both sites are very dynamic and intend to spend more time on these sites in the future. Here is a look at each and how they are currently ranking content and users

Relevant customer engagement is the key to Facebook’s algorithm layout. It is created to intensify the importance and viewer of local, familial, and friendly posts, rather than business posts. Paid content is ranked separately butt still revolves around engagement, customer response, and relevance to the subject matter. But now in 2021, the Facebook algorithm is made up of four main ranking signals: regency, admiration, content type, and relationship. In the first three months of 2018, Facebook located and discarded more than 500 million false accounts.

Pinterest has a very different layout and follower strategy but it counts as a social media platform, nonetheless. Its guided search method uses data collected from past content interactions to encourage new links. For example, if you have recently viewed hairstyles, Pinterest will show you more hairstyles the next time you log in. The benefit to this interest-themed algorithm is that it is always showing the user something Pinterest knows they like. This makes the content more likely to be consumed and enjoyed.

Known as a leader in B2B marketing, LinkedIn is a social platform for networking, rather than building followers. It is currently the most common platform for Fortune 500 company use. The site has developed an algorithm based on connection and engagement, so its relevant content is the key to LinkedIn success. Even if you do not have a lot of links in your networking chain, You can build this later if you have read-worthy content.

Twitter is unique in that it ranks its posts not only by relation to the user but to the time and date posted. The number of comments a Tweet has will also affect its rank.

Instagram is about showing as many people as much information as possible. That’s why, its algorithm focuses on every feature of social media, from relevancy and connection to engagement and content popularity. The reasoning behind the Instagram algorithm is to encourage comments, shares, likes, add and further posting.

How does it Works ?
In 2017, Facebook was the 3rd most viewed website on the globe, after Google and Youtube. With so many users on this platform, there is a need to create order and an algorithm does just that it. Social media algorithms are always changing, making it difficult to keep up with marketing codes of conduct. Depending on the platform you use, your social media expectations will differ.

What algorithms are used in social media?
Promoters often look at social media algorithms as barriers. When in doubt, experiment with different types of content. Image-based posts versus text-based posts. Long-form versus short-form videos. Content with links versus content without links.

Controversy on Social media:
The phrase “Controversy on social media” refers to a common task: identifying whether a topic induces polarization of individuals. The research efforts investigating controversies on social media have two threads: content analysis and social analysis. Also, social media platforms are using AI to make sense of the pool of human data. Such advanced algorithms can keep a check on millions of comments or data to understand setback trends to provide a customized experience.
Do Social Media algorithms erode our ability to make decisions freely ?
Social Media algorithms, artificial intelligence and our own genetics are among the factors influencing us beyond our awareness. This raises an ancient question: do we have control over our own lives?
Have you ever watched movie or video because YouTube or Netflix recommended it to you? Or added a friend on Facebook from the list of “people you may know” ? These platforms are driven by algorithms which rank and recommend content for us based on our data.

How to beat social media algorithms ?
Following are the ways by which we can beat the social media algorithms:

Post at the right time.
Avoid outbound links on social.
Tag your location.
Upload videos to social platforms first.
Support real-time videos.
Use Chatbots within Facebook Messenger to attract users.
Discussion and conclusion:
Prior studies that employ community-recognizing to explore a controversy on social media have presented certain restrictions. These studies work under interactions among users indicate endorsements. However, the UGC generated from these interactions contains either positive, neutral, or negative sentiments. Only re-tweets reassure the assumption. Consequently, the absence of rich UGC can lead to an undependable analysis result. On the other side, social media platforms always acknowledge, whether they want it or not, they play a key role in the way citizens news, information and opinion today. The freedom of expression and the press of social media platforms should also receive the protection that is afforded to other media. While this means that they have the right to use their algorithms to achieve whatever goals they set for themselves, they must understand that. Social media companies are free to rely on programmers to design algorithms but they should seek the cooperation of people with experience so that social
values are learned through their profession.

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Social Media Marketing | Cortexom Innovcation



Social networks are communities of people who typically share a common behavior, idea
interest, activity. A social network indicate a graph of relationship (social familiarities) within a group of individuals (people, association). The most popular sites Facebook, google+, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. In fact usage of social media marketing site has been so diverse that many people use it for more than just entertainment. Today these websites provides a host of opportunities to its User ranging from marketing their product increasing awareness on social issues, sharing photos, video calls, joining groups and
form of interests promoting an idea, finding family roots finding a lost friends, gaming and entertainment application and so on. Social Media Marketing is widely used in various business, banking, retail marketing, B2B marketing, travel and tourism marketing so on. Social Media Marketing is marketing is focus on people, not on products. With explosion of internet based messages transmitted through the social media, they are now
a main factor in influence many aspects of consumers behavior such as
-Information gathering
-Purchasing decisions
-post purchase evacuations

Also, what is important about Social Media Marketing is that marketer can listen, track,
measure what is shared on the social media in order to improve the offered message and adept it more to the customer need. The internet has become the most common tool that consumers use to find Information on products and services that they are considering buying. The effects of social media are really important as a social feedback loop is created through the use of social Media and will highly influence the consideration stage of the purchase channel. Social Media Marketing services in Pakistan and the world can be utilized to gain maximum visibility, improved sales . and better brand awareness . Companies offering different types of digital types of digital services use a number of social media marketing platforms to help businesses promote their business . Therefore social media largely effects customers purchase decisions , became consumers usually seek other opinion and recommendations . It has helped a number of online business to constantly contact their users in very effective way. 8Essential elements of Social Media Marketing strategy

1: Identify Business Goals

Every piece of your social media strategy serves the goals you set . You simply cannot move forward without knowing what you are working toward. Look closely at your company’s overall needs and decide how you want to use social media to contribute to reaching them.


2: Set Marketing Object

Goals are not terrible useful if you don’t have specific parameters that define when each is achieved. For example if one of your primary goals is generating leads and sales. Your objective of increasing leads by 50% may be specific, measurable, achievable and relevant, but if you do not set a deadline for achieving the goal , your efforts, resources and attention may be pulled in other directions

3: Identical ideal Customers

When you know your target audience’s age, occupation, income interest, pain, problems,
obstacles, habits, likes, dislikes, motivations and objects, then it’s easier and cheaper to target them on social or any media. The more specific you are, the more conversations you’re going to get out of every channel you use to promote your business.

4: Research competition

When it comes to social media marketing researching your competition not only keeps you apprised of their activity, it gives you can an idea of what’s working so you can integrate those successful tactics into own efforts. The most important activity to look at is engagement. Even though page admins are the only ones who can calculate engagement rate on a particular update, to you can get a good idea of what they’re seeing.

5: Chose channels and Tactics

Many businesses create accounts on every popular social network without researching which platform will bring the most return. You can avoid wasting your time in the wrong place by using the information from your buyer personas to determine which platform is best for you. Your tactics for each social channel rely on your goals and objectives, as well as the best practices of each platform.

6: Create a Content Strategy

Content and social media have a symbiotic relationship: without great content social media is a meaningless and without social media nobody will know about your content. Use them together to reach and convert your prospects. Thera are many studies that give you as specific time when you should post on social media. However, I suggest using those studies as guidelines rather than hard rules. Remember, you audience is unique, so you need to test and figure out the best time for yourself.

7: Allocate Budget And Resources

Make inclusive list of the tool you need (e.g., social media monitoring, email marketing and CRM), services you’ll outsource (e.g., graphic design or video production and any advertising you’ll purchase. Next to each, include the annual projected cost so you can have a high-level view of what you are investing in and shoe it affects your marketing budget.

8: Assign Roles

Knowing who’s responsible for what increase productivity and avoids confusions and
overlapping efforts. Things may be a bit messy in the begging, but with time team member with know their roles and what daily tasks they’re responsible.
Your Turn Your social media marketing strategy isn’t written in stone. As you move forward, you may discover that some tactics are not working as well as you thought they would. Always try to adapt quickly and introduce the new changes to your overall strategy. This can be achieved by channelizing a greater part of promotion and advertising budget for activities such as networking, volunteering, hosting events and so on. Social Media for Business to Business Marketing Social Media usage create opportunities, social media usage helps in understanding costumers, social media usage help in relationship management, social media aids in relationship sale performance and social media usage help in outcome based sales performance.


  1. Save Time, Re-purpose Content
  2. Interaction is Where It’s at!
  3. Try Multiple Media Types
  4. For Pete’s Sake! Make it Searchable
  5. Keep clam in crisis
  6. Customize the Flow
  7. Don’t let Just Anyone Represent Your Brand
  8. What was The Purpose of This Again?
  9. Pull out the Tool Box and Find your measuring Tape
  10. Be Innovative, Or At Least to Open to Innovation
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Advertise Your Business Online | Cortexom Innovation

Best 10 Ways to Advertise Your Business online ?

There are several ways to advertise your business online/offline both. But I’ve discussed some ways that are most common, easier and almost free of cost. By acting on these ways you will get your business more advertised and famous.

  1. Create and verify your Google Business Profile
    Your Google Business Profile is what allows your business to show up in Google Maps results, the local section of Google Search results, and also when someone types in your business name and location the right side Knowledge Panel in Search results. As Google gets better and better at catering its results to the searcher’s location, this free listing should be a top priority. The key to using your Business Profile to promote your business is to verify ownership of your listing through your free Google My Business account. Once you have ownership, you can optimize your listing to show up higher in search results and for more relevant searches. If you’re ranking on Google Maps or showing up in the Local Pack of regular results pages your business is basically promoting itself 24/7. Even better, you can publish posts directly to your Google listing, putting attractive promotions in front of your audience at a time when they have high intent.
  2. Get a website
    Every business needs a website, no matter how old-fashioned your business or clients may be. Your website is the go-to for current and prospective customers. Even if they find you on social media or Google, they will want to go to your website and, like your Google listing, it serves to promote your business around the clock.
    A good business website not only serves as a promotional tool in and of itself it tells the story of your business and what you offer, provides contact information, and reflects your brand’s personality and distinguishing characteristics but it is also essential for measuring and improving the success of your other promotional tactics.
    For example, when you run ads, you need landing pages, which live on your website. When you post helpful information on social media, it should link to its home on your website. With all of your marketing channels flowing into your website, you can use analytics to see which strategies are working best and get invaluable insights about your audience. Although there are completely free solutions to get a website in place for your business, almost inevitably you will need to move to some form of a paid website if you are serious about promoting your business. Having your own domain name, a professional look and feel, and the ability to scale and add features as needed are all essential for growth.
  3. Implement search engine optimization(SEO)
    It’s one thing for you to promote your business, it’s another thing for Google to promote your business. SEO is a set of practices that align your business with Google’s ranking algorithm. But because this algorithm has evolved to use machine learning and user behavior to produce the most accurate and quality results for searchers, optimizing for search engines is really just optimizing for searchers—particularly those searching for what you have to offer. SEO isn’t just one tactic, but many tactics that collectively work together to improve your rank. Also, because Google has superb location-based results, you have just as much of a chance as big retailers to
    show up on the first page of Google without spending a dime. SEO tactics to promote your business include: Adding relevant keywords to specific places on your website.
    Producing original, high-quality content regularly, with tagged images. Maintaining high page load speeds and security. When your business is ranking high in results, Google is basically promoting your business for you—and not just to anyone, but to the people searching for what you have to offer. Doesn’t get much better than that.
  4. Create a business blog
    We just touched on this in the previous strategy, but content is such an important driver of SEO that it really deserves its own category as a promotional strategy. A blog is not LiveJournal for businesses. Sure, you can create some posts about milestones and events, but a lucrative business blog is one that produces educational content, in your brand voice, around questions and terms your ideal customers are searching in Google. These questions and terms are called keywords, and the more content you produce targeting these keywords, the more opportunities you create for your business to show up in search engine results pages. Great blog posts can be any of the following:
    How-toss and instructional posts
    Lists of strategies and resources
    Q&A or interview writeup with an industry expert
    Thought leadership posts
    Example/template posts
    Guest posts
    Customer testimonials or case studies
    Seasonal posts
  5. Share your content
    A blog that shows your expertise, approachability, and genuine desire to help your audience is the perfect promotional tool for a business. So don’t just publish posts promote them! On social media, via email newsletters, or even turn them into downloadable guides to help you collect leads. Better yet, if you produce content with chargeability in mind, your blog posts will likely get noticed by other credible
    websites who will mention and link back to your site on their site or social media feeds promoting your business for you.
  6. Run Google Ads
    While SEO will help you to get to the top of results pages, it is a long-term strategy that can take weeks, even months to start seeing results. For more immediate exposure, and if you have the budget, Google Ads is the way to go. Google ads show up at the very top of search engine results pages, above organic and local listings. And of the search engines available, Google is by far the most popular not only because they control the largest share of search engine traffic, but also because of its high level of flexibility, ad building features, and detailed performance metrics. Though mastering Google Ads takes some time as well as plenty of trial and error, an optimized campaign is far worth the investment. Advertising on Google can be done through text ads on the Search Network or branded banner ads on the Display Network. You can check out our Google Ads crash course here.
    Consumers routinely visit online directories to search for and vet businesses that fit their specific needs. These sites tend to be high-traffic, long-standing websites with high domain authority, so it’s not uncommon for your profile page or your business name to show up on the first page of Google through one of these domains. Online listings do not take long to create and can help enhance your online presence, promoting your business to nearby, high-intent customers.
  7. Create listings on the major directories
    Smaller directory sites pull data from larger ones, which means that by creating listings on the major sites, you’ll also likely begin showing up on smaller directories automatically. Below is a list of the major directories to start with. All of them are free, but often have paid options for advanced features.
    Better Business Bureau
  8. Optimize your listings
    It’s one thing to create a listing, but it’s another to optimize it. By filling out every field in your profiles, adding photos, and collecting reviews, you can improve the appeal of your business and rank above competitors in searches. It’s also important to make sure your information in all of your listings is consistent with the information on your website. Finally, be sure to monitor your listing and fix any inaccuracies, which can happen when listings are auto-populated.
  9. Get online customer reviews
    We just mentioned collecting reviews, but because reviews are so important for small and local businesses, they deserve their own section. Word of mouth is one of, perhaps the most, powerful way of promoting your business to the right people. Testimonials on your own website are great, but reviews on official platforms like Google, Facebook, and Yelp are even better. These websites can increase your exposure, and because they have measures in place to prevent fake or spam reviews, people trust the reviews here more than anywhere else. Plus, reviews are a major ranking factor for local search results.
  10. Monitor and respond to reviews
    Many online directories allow anyone to add a listing, so even if you didn’t list your business, it may still be on there, collecting reviews. Be sure to claim your listings wherever possible, and monitor these sites frequently. This way you can respond to reviews which is another great way to promote your business. Not only can you resolve negative reviews, but the way you answer reviews can reveal your brand’s
    values and give potential customers an idea of what it’s like to do business with you.
  11. Prioritize Facebook
    Facebook is the largest social network online and it can be a great way to keep in touch with existing customers and to reach new customers. Promoting your business on Facebook can vary substantially depending upon your industry, but here are some basics: Create a Facebook business page with your contact information and a CTA.
    Use Facebook events to promote and maximize attendance to your events. Run Facebook live sessions, of tutorials or behind-the-scenes sneak peeks. best ways to promote your business with or without money run Facebook live
  12. Join LinkedIn
    LinkedIn has become more than just a place to post your online resume; it’s also a place to join in on group discussions, connect with potential customers, form new partnerships, or just to do general online networking. Potential customers can check out you or your company before doing business with you to find out how many employees you have and to get more information on the background of the company personnel .
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Which Social Networks are best for social media marketing | Cortexom Innovcation

Start your business by social networks and make the best profit. Use your social media apps in a better way and start earning ; no interview ,no degree. Just skills. Make a better profit than a company or shop by social media marketing . World class opportunities on your doorstep .

Most popular social media networks:
Top five and the most popular networks in the world of social media.

  1. Facebook.
  2. Instagram
  3. YouTube
  4. Pinterest
  5. OLX
  6. Link den
    Social media advertising:
    Advertisement on social media networks is the best way in social media marketing.any one can become a billion .If he /she has skills and can do a little effort.

Marketing on Facebook:
The ads we see on the Facebook are paid.There are many facbook ads format. All you have to do is to add a unique advertisment that attractes people’s attention. Advertising on Facebook can be the most rewarding,becasuse 2.8 billion people use Facebook And many people have more than one account and pages. And Facebook is one of the biggest social network .Facebook can be very beneficial for social marketing

  1. Make a page of your brand or company or product.
  2. Add the video for your advertisement.
  3. News feed .
  4. Keep the ads up to date.
  5. Try to answer the questions of the people
  6. If someone wanted to buy your product then deal him/her in good manner By using this technique the customer will advertise your brand and your products by telling to his/her Friends ,relatives etc.
  7. After some time you will be able to handle a small business.
  8. And gradually you can grow your business even more.

Marketing on Instagram:
Like other social networks, Instagram can also be used for social media marketing Over 1 billion people in the world use Instagram .New generation loves this social network very much because actors , singers, politicians, cricketrs,football players, hockey players and almost all celebrities use this app. On Instagram you can start small and big business by advertising your company, brand or product which can be seen by people of every type and every class. We can use the same advertising methods on Instagram as we did on Facebook Actually Facebook and Instagram are not the same apps but they are connected to each other.

Marketing on YouTube:
YouTube is one of the best way of social media advertising. There are many people who had nothing but they started their career from YouTube and are now they are rich . Every person has its own dreams and goals. For example if a person started a company and he do not wanted to spend his money on Television advertisement Then he can upload a video of his brand , product or company. There are many other examples of advertising on social media
For example: A mobile company stats a company so that company will send its new products to Tech youtubers. To unbox their product or a member of company will unbox the product and will give the complete detail of their new handset Now a days when ever we need to buy a new handset the first thing we do is to go on and check the new devices we can buy so there are 91% chances that we watch the video of that handset uploaded and advertised by the company. Similarly Laptops, computers cars, motorbikes tables, chairs other furniture stuff, toys can be advertised by YouTube advertising As time goes on the subscribers and views will increase, All you have to do is just keep your channel up to date . We can also do that whenever famous videos or movies are played by a user YouTube will show the ad before showing the video. So this is the modern technique or trick of social media advertising. People earn a lot of money by YouTube .This social network is an opportunity for any one to become a billionaire at home by doing a little effort and investment.

Marketing on Pinterest:
A Pinterest is an picture ,image or a photo sharing social network or, we can also say that it is a social media service. We can also share our ideas tips and techniques on this network By using it, we can put the pictures of our products on the Internet.
For example: if a painter wants a clue for his /her new painting he/she will defiantly get the idea on Pinterest. If a carpenter wants to built a chair or a table with a unique design than that carpenter can also search on Pinterest And this will help him a lot. Any body can share his/her ideas advertise their products and can earn. Pinterest is easier for people to get the complete details of the ideas and products available in Pinterest Pinterest is also one of the best social network for social media marketing.
Marketing on OLX:
The abbreviation of OLX is Offline Express . OLX is also one of the best social network for social media marketing. Anyone can advertise anything, whether it’s new or old. And it is totally free of cost. It is a market place or a platform where anybody can advertise any thing. A business man can advertise his company , brand or products. Even a kid can upload an ad of his toys bicycle . They also have to upload the price and complete
details of their product. This social network is not that much beneficial because you have earn through people .The OLX will give you nothing. It only provides a platform for marketing but suppose if you have a mobile shop, there is nothing wrong with uploading your ad on this this social network. This will give relief to the customers to look at your ad and see what items you have instead of coming to your store. And what is their prices?

Marketing on Link den:
Link den is an American online service that operates via a website or mobile application. This is also one of the best platform for networking or professional networking. The programmers and software developers advertise their software’s on this social network. A person who is a job seeker will post his/her CVs in this social network. A job seeker can see the vacancies of many companies at home. He / she does not have to go to the office. He / she is sitting at home, And can know which vacancy is available and suitable for him / her.

Social media platforms in 2021:
Social media provides many platforms to start a career, All you have to do is to focus on advertisement. Friends Understand that opportunity is something you have lost but, take it wherever you find it. A common man or a middle class man should never miss an opportunity. Always remember Rich men are born with the opportunities they can waste. Social media marketing is a platform that will provide you best results by using social media apps in a good way and for the best purpose.

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CRM to your business | Cortexom Innovation

How to apply CRM to your business?

➢ CRM Stands for:
• CRM stands for Customers Relationship Management.
• A CRM system allows businesses to manage business relationships and the data and
information associated with them.

• In the commercial world the importance of retaining existing customers and expanding business is paramount. The costs associated with finding new customers mean that every existing customer could be important.
• The more opportunities that a customer has to conduct business with your company the better, and one way of achieving this is by opening up channels such as direct sales, online sales, franchises, use of agents, etc.
• The greater the need to manage your interaction with your customer base.
• Customer relationship management (CRM) helps businesses to gain an insight into the behavior of their customers and modify their business operations to ensure that customers are served in the best possible way.
• CRM helps a business to recognize the value of its customers and to capitalize on improved customer relations.
• The better you understand your customers, the more responsive you can be to their needs. CRM can be achieved by:
• finding out about your customers’ purchasing habits, opinions and preferences.
• profiling individuals and groups to market more effectively and increase sales.
• changing the way you operate to improve customer service and marketing.
Benefiting from CRM is not just a question of buying the right software. You must also adapt your business to the needs of your customers.
➢ Business Benefits of CRM:
• Implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) solution might involve
considerable time and expense. However, there are many potential benefits.
A major benefit can be the development of better relations with your existing customers, which can lead to.
• Increased sales through better timing due to anticipating needs based on historic trends.
• Identifying needs more effectively by understanding specific customer requirements.
• Cross-selling of other products by highlighting and suggesting alternatives or
• Identifying which of your customers are profitable and which are not.
This can lead to better marketing of your products or services by focusing on:
• Effective targeted marketing communications aimed specifically at customer needs.
• A more personal approach and the development of new or improved products and services in order to win more business in the future. Ultimately this could lead to:
• Enhanced customer satisfaction and retention, ensuring that your good reputation in the
marketplace continues to grow.
• Increased value from your existing customers and reduced cost associated with
supporting and servicing them, increasing your overall efficiency and reducing total cost
of sales.
• Improved profitability by focusing on the most profitable customers and dealing with the unprofitable in more cost-effective ways. Once your business starts to look after its existing customers effectively, efforts can be concentrated on finding new customers and expanding your market. The more you know about your customers, the easier
it is to identify new prospects and increase your customer base. Even with years of accumulated knowledge, there’s always room for improvement. Customer needs change over time, and technology can make it easier to find out more about customers and ensure that everyone in an organization can exploit this information.

➢ Types of CRM solution:
Customer relationship management (CRM) is important in running a successful business. The better the relationship, the easier it is to conduct business and generate revenue. Therefore, using technology to improve CRM makes good business sense.

• Outsourced solutions:
Application service providers can provide web-based CRM solutions for your business. This approach is ideal if you need to implement a solution quickly and your
company does not have the in-house skills necessary to tackle the job from scratch. It is also a good solution if you are already geared towards online e-commerce.
• Off-the-shelf solutions: Several software companies offer CRM applications that integrate with existing packages. Cut-down versions of such software may be suitable for smaller businesses. This approach is generally the cheapest option as you are investing in standard software components. The downside is that the software may not always do precisely what you want and you may have to trade off functionality for convenience and price. The key to success is to be flexible without compromising too much.
• Custom software: The ultimate in tailored CRM solutions, consultants and software engineers will customize or create a CRM system and integrate it with your existing software. .However, this can be expensive and time consuming. If you choose this option, make sure you carefully specify exactly what you want. This will usually be the most expensive option and costs will vary depending on what your software designer quotes.
• Managed solutions: A half-way house between custom and outsourced solutions, this involves renting a customized suite of CRM applications as a tailored package. This can be cost effective but it may mean that you have to compromise in terms of functionality.

The implementation of a customer relationship management (CRM) solution is best treated as a six-stage process, moving from collecting information about your customers and processing it to using that information to improve your marketing and the customer experience.
• Collecting information.
• Storing information.
• Accessing information.
• Analysis customer behavior.
• Marketing more effectively.
• Enhancing the customer experience.

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SEO(How neglecting SEO makes your business suffer | Cortexom Innovcation

SEO(How neglecting SEO makes your
business suffer)

What is SEO:
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process of improving our sites to increase its visibility for relevant searches. The better visibility of our page the better it gained the attention and attract prospective and exited customers to our business. We can categorize SEO into two buckets.
On-page SEO: All on-page SEO strategies happen on in our website.
Off-page SEO: All off-page SEO strategies happen off in our website. Both on-page and off-page SEO aim to make our site more friendly as well as trustworthy, to users and search engines.

How SEO works:
Search engines such as Google use bots to crawl pages on the web going from site to site collecting information about those pages and putting them in an index. Next algorithms analyze pages in the index taking into account hundreds of ranking factors or signals to determine the order pages should appear in the search results for a given query. Search ranking factors can be considered proxies for aspects of the user experience. Content
quality and keyword research are key factors of content optimization and crawl ability and mobile-friendliness are important site architecture factors.

Why SEO is important for us in 2021:
SEO is an important part of digital marketing because people conduct millions of searches everyday often with commercial to find information about products and
services. Search is often the primary source of digital traffic for brands. Fifty-three percent of traffic to websites comes from organic search .Organic search delivers the most traffic to websites. On average 83 percent of the traffic from search engines comes from SEO. Even though organic search accounts for the majority of traffic most companies spend more money on paid search. Paid search owned 15% of web search in
2021.While SEO also require an upfront resource investment search engine rankings Organic Traffic. SEO traffic has no media cost and can provide a substantial ROI – higher than most other channels. Search engines appreciate and reward content that is relevant to readers and written for them rather than for bots. Focus on optimizing for our target audience. Proper SEO helps organize your website and makes it easier for your visitors to navigate and transact. Marketing works best when all channels are aligned on the same message including organic search. Multiple channel alignment improves results in all channels. SEO success secures a share of voice on the search engine results pages and this is an integral component of our brand and creating brand trust. SEO traffic often converts better than other channels due to the fact that rankings often convey trust from the search engines. Our other marketing channels generate demand for people to query the search engine for products and services such as ours. If your website is not there to collect the demand I spent money creating our competitors will collect it. Organic search is a critical Part of the research process especially for products or services with a long sale cycle. SEO research allows user to understand user interest and intent and build content that addresses and captures that intent .Focusing on SEO and legitimate link building leads you to develop relevant, useful content that people want to share and provides digital word of mouth. SEO has global reach and can even provide dynamic localization that can bring in new and unexpected customers from all regions of the world. Organic search is a critical part of the research process especially for products or services with a long sales cycle. People use search engines to create a list of candidates for the product or service and use them again to collect opinions and reviews that help them make decisions. SEO works in tandem with social media some queries are more sensitive to fresh results and social signals which can impact and determine positioning in
the search results. Social media helps shape your brand’s presence online and drive traffic back to your site.

How neglecting SEO makes business
Our Reputation is Being Questioned:

Reputation is important in business and we do not want potential customers to doubt our reputation. When we ignore SEO a critical number of potential clients are noticing our lack of organic presence online. Anyone can pay to be seen but they cannot pay to be ranked so more people trust the rankings that you achieve from getting our SEO right.
Google Could Label us Untrustworthy:
Google updated its algorithms to weed out sites that were providing content that was either irrelevant or lacking credibility. A number of sites suffered traffic lose and their rankings dropped rapidly which also made audiences lose trust in them. Businesses however that had followed SEO best practices were able to weather the storm and bounced right back.
Users have a bad experience on our Site:
User experience can determine how long a user remains on our site or if they ever come back to the site. Even with the right content, if a site does not make a user feel comfortable, they are likely to leave and never come back. This is going to increase the number of bounce backs and the search engines will eventually drop our rankings. SEO professionals are able to improve the user experience of a site so that it is mobile responsive, that way we get more traffic from mobile users and the loading time will also improve. Often businesses make the mistake of having web designers create a site with no regard for SEO and in the end, the site looks good but takes too long to load which chases users away and into the arms of competitors who pay great attention to SEO.
Misunderstanding or missing niches:
If we are not aware of SEO, then you are going to be missing out or even misunderstanding niches that are lucrative. we should think about this when it comes to
SEO because we might be using basic keywords but that is not what is being searched for. It is important that we define the keywords after doing research regarding which ones are the most popular for our niche.