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Decode Social Media Algorithms | Cortexom Innovation

How to Decode Social Media Algorithms ?

➢What is social media algorithm
➢Why we need to understand the algorithm of
social media
➢Which Social Media platforms using Algorithm
➢How different social media platforms using
➢How we can decode own social media
➢Pro & Cons Of Algorithms


A social media algorithm is a set of rules and rules created by social media platforms to show the user what they want and changing the user interface according to user interest.
• In simple word, it runs according to your interest in that post or product.
• It automatically generate a top feed for you that you have visited more.


As we are living in the world of technology and internet. When we connect with internet, we are directly connect with all over the world and they get all our device information. The algorithm made by branded companies to keep your data in their server and they will saw you that information which you have been search before. As they are connected
with each other. They have design their algorithm like the following points.
• When the user search for any product on social media they record their history and show these products in their feeds.
• When the user spend too much time on one content, they also locate it and shows the
related content in the feeds. The whole social is connected and all these algorithms works only to get data and generate the customers for big companies.



All big companies using the algorithms, and their algorithms vary from company to company so lets start discuss some of them.

And many mores.

Facebook: As we all know about Facebook , it’s a free app , but we have never think about that why its free , why this company do not take money for using
app. The reason is that they get money from social media marketing by promoting brands, films, politicians, etc. They get all their data and store them. E: g; The person uploaded his picture in 2013, but he can see it on single click.
The Facebook works on the following basis:

• They sequence the content on whose people you have comments, likes.
• They sequence the number and lengths of comments, like.
• They sequence the content which you have been searched before.

Instagram: The Instagram is also using the algorithm, but they work on the following way.
• They shows the recent post to the user.
• They shows the posts which have been more like.
• They also priorities those posts who has trending tags.

Twitter: The twitter is also using many people in the world, it also work on algorithms. Its way of working is
• They priorities the recent posts.
• The most like and trending tweets on twitter.
• The hashtag and the higher rates of followers.

YouTube: The YouTube is the video content platforms and has millions of active users, and they also wrote the algorithms to engage and attract the community. And its algorithms decode in the following way.
• They shows the videos of those channels which you subscribed.
• Shows the related videos you have watched before.
• Shows the viral and trending videos.


As we have discussed about many social media platforms and their algorithms and know that how they works.
Why we need them?
We need these algorithm to increase our social media users and keep them to attach with this social media platforms.
How It can be work?

• First of all we need to know that what is user our demand.
• To Find this we need to work on SEO(search engine optimization).
• We have work on the codes that the users sees only that information which we want to show him.
• We decode the user the interface in that way which is more friendly to user and it can
automatically changing the feed according to different criteria which have written in our code.

• The algorithm can increase your app rating within a days.
• It unforce the user to spend more time on this app.
• It can give you a large amount of business.

• The algorithm play with your mind.

• The reduction of job will happen in future as the all the work shifting from men to computer due to artificial intelligence.
• It can take all your data and create the content on them.


The world is changing very rapidly and we are shifting from petrol to electronic and Artificial intelligence to neural networks. In this fast world the social media has played a major rule. The most profitable companies of these world belongs to IT field and their owner are super rich. So their money is only depend on these social media platforms by
selling the users. So they invest more money on the computers and make the super computers which can control whole data of this world lonely. The quantity of data is very high that to control this kind of data they wrote a millions of lines of codes in the
form of algorithms. These algorithms are user friendly and work on artificial intelligence. They can change the user interface according to the searches. They will automatically shows you that data which you have searched most. As I have mentioned before that how different platforms use different kind of data according to their contents.

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