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Flexibility matter in your business

A firm’s ability to respond to changes in its environment both rapidly and at low
As a business owner, you may have come to the realization that you need to become
more flexible. You are not alone, more and more business owners have realized that
when they become more flexible, their employees are more receptive to their ideas
and more productive. Below you will find additional reasons why being flexible in
business can help you become more successful.

The Benefits of Being Flexible in Your Business
 Teamwork:
If you are flexible when it comes to your team and the projects they
are assigned; you will notice that they are more eager to get the project done. You
will see that your team is open to new ideas and new ways in which to accomplish
them. When your team is not stressed, but more relaxed when faced with a large
project, you will see positive results.

 Satisfaction:
As you become more flexible within your company, you will notice
that the level of job satisfaction your employee’s experience is at a much higher
level than it was previously. When people are afforded the ability to work in an
an environment that is not stressful, but more relaxed, they begin to produce work
that they are more satisfied with.
 Reduced Turnover:
When you have a team of satisfied, happy employees you are less likely to
experience high turnover rates. This means that your business will benefit from
having staff members who remain employed by the company for years rather than
months. Reduced turnover rates also provide your clients with the stability they
look for when working with a company.
 Discover New Talent:
As you become more flexible in your business practices, either by offering flexible
schedules or initiating new policies, you will be surprised at how much-hidden talent
you have in your company. Flexible positions, hours, and work options can allow you
to expand your workforce with individuals who possess talents you may not have
realized your business was in need of.
 Grow Your Business:
 It has been shown that businesses that operate with more flexibility in their day-to-day operations tend to grow at a faster pace than those that do not. This can be
attributed to the fact that people are happier working for a business that allows
them the freedom to do their job at the office or at home. This also allows
businesses to hire individuals who live in different locations to represent their
business in that locale. Being flexible is not something that business owners should
fear; rather it is something that can actually help you take your business to the
next level. If you have been searching for a way to breathe fresh life into your
business, you may discover that flexibility is all that you need.

Flexible Working
The working arrangements where employees

have an option in terms of working time, working
location and the pattern of working.
Examples of Working Place:

Benefits of Flexible Working ( for a Business)

Advantages of Flexibility in a Business
 In the contemporary world, a small business must be flexible. If your
business is too rigid, then it will fail. Rapid changes will occur- in technology
and also in the economy – which means that only businesses that are flexible so
that they can adapt to these changes will succeed, which will give them a
massive advantage over the more-rigid business. You should seek to promote
flexibility in your business. You can do this by encouraging your employees
to find new ways of doing business that is better. You should also be
brave enough to do away with policies that do not work because there are
advantages that come with promoting flexibility in your business.
Working from home Flexi-time Job Sharing
Part-time working Career breaks Annual Hours Contracts
Term-time working Shift Swapping Mobile Working

Costs Better Customer Services More Applicants

Higher job satisfaction & employee morale

 The most flexible business offers its employees a more diverse range of
options. These make it easier for their employees to lead personal lives
that are more fulfilling, while also enabling the employees to meet their
work commitments. One factor that can help is to allow your employees to
telecommute – or at least, to offer them a flexible work schedule. This
would be a boon to your employees since it would benefit those who have
families or other responsibilities. Another example of a flexible business is
that you could consider allowing job sharing, so that you could split one job
among two employees, who each work part-time, rather than having one
employee who works full-time. You will be allowing the two job-sharing
employees to have more flexibility in their scheduling, thereby enabling
them to become more productive. When you accommodate your employee’s
needs like this, you enable your employees to become more loyal to your
company, so that it becomes easier for you to retain your best employees
who might otherwise have left the company, had your company offered only
a rigid schedule.
 Of course, when your business is flexible, it will accommodate your
employees’ needs and schedules, which means that they will have a
healthier work-life balance, and they will be more satisfied with their jobs.
Such satisfied employees will be more likely to stay with your company. You
will get to hold on to your best employees and enjoy increased productivity
from them. Also, you won’t have to deal with a high turnover, which happens
when employees aren’t satisfied with a business, so you will not need to fill
vacant positions as frequently, so you will save on hiring costs.

 A more flexible business will grow more quickly than a rigid business
because it is always seeking processes and methods that work better than
those it currently has. Such a business will also utilize technology, which
will enable its employees to work remotely and to collaborate virtually.
Such teamwork tends to be more productive than other work structures,
while also costing much less to maintain. A flexible business will also
identify more opportunities in the environment and will take advantage of
these opportunities, thereby enabling itself to profit in environments in
which more rigid companies wouldn’t be able to prosper. There are too

many benefits of a flexible business to list, but these are most of them.
When you enable your company to become adaptable, it is able to evolve
with the times, and it will survive longer, becoming continually more

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