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How social media affect your business.

Social media:
Social media is an interactive digitally mediated technology that facilitates the creation or sharing of information ideas, careers, and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks.
Social media effects on business:
Today there are two types of media general and social media. In general, there are two categories electronic and print media. according to a survey, the sales of newspapers decreased up to 45% in the last two decades and almost all electronics channels are also moved to social media and only 14% watched advertisements on TV. On the other hand, social media has very big manpower only in Facebook has 2.2 billion active users, Twitter has 1.9 billion active users and youtube has 1.7 billion active users and they saw only those things that he wants to watch like an example in Cyprus a company name 5 minutes sell daily use products and their sales do not increase they enter in social media they
made their channels on social media websites where they tell us the uses of his products and today there are only 71 million subscribers on youtube and they open their shops in more than 29 countries and another example the owner of a luxury cars showroom.

How social media affects your business:
Social media marketing is the use of social media websites to promote a product or service and also establish a connection with its customers. Online shopping is a form of electronic commerce that allows consumers to directly buy products from the seller over the internet. In many countries many peoples do online shop they advertise online and also sells online and the majority made their channels so they advertise their products without any cost. For example, many channels like book center are Pakistan largest online bookseller store and have 6 stores around Pakistan .and another type to registered your shop online many companies in Pakistan like Daraz offers people to sell your product through his websites and give him commission 5 to 10 percent and many peoples made a website about the things and when you visit they saw to sell you related products like an example a website made ilmkiduniya that tells us about board examination .when you visit the website they saw you related types of products like model papers and key books. And many other ways like suggested videos on youtube.

How you expand your business through social media:
You expand your business through three ways Platforms, Content, and Promotion
Plate form
The connection between two platforms
Targeted audience
Content you develop

An overview is very important for the promotion of your business .the every product give ratings so the owner may able to do good for and improve his products and the ratings tell who good his product and the peoples of many advise who you give better what is the default in your products.

Social media impact business positively and offers an opportunity for your audience to find on social media .its help to reach your targeted audience .brand recommendation Social media platforms are becoming the main source for people to learn more about business .latest information about new products, advertisement, and other items
Royalty to your brands:
Many examples like cocomelon a kid’s channel that makes videos for kids first they put a good representation to its brands and many children demand their children buy its products. The founder of Walt Disney made Micky mouse for his brand publicity .5 minute craft a Cyprus company made their
daily use products first they tell us their products in daily life and then they sell this to us.
The content you develop: By the feedback of peoples, you develop the things which the people demanded you share him those products that what they want.
Listen to your community:
One of the best things about social media is that it offers open not ended community communication all around the world with your customers and other customers you can not only listen to your customer’s voice and to customers all around the world.

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