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Our Logo

Cortexom Innovations over the last 5 years has delivered many success stories. Our Logo Designs in Dubai are one of the finest works. From Emblems Logo Designs to Wordmarks, our designers have taken everything as a challenge and delivered it successfully. 

We follow a smooth and easy professional logo design process having following steps:

1. Requirement Elicitation

During the Elicitation process at Cortexom’s design division, we put our modern elicitation techniques in order to understand the business concepts and then recommend the most appropriate design to our customers. 

2. Design Modelling 

Once requirements are finalized we move towards logo concepts and model a design that is most appropriate and an exact reflection of your brand. Our logo designs in Dubai are excellent brand identities. During this process we finalize the type of the logo and also we finalize the color schemes which are exact brand translations. 

3. Refinement, Delivery, and Fine Tuning

Once initial concepts are approved we follow our professional refinement and fine-tuning steps, where we prepare excellent ultra high definition versions of the logo which will look perfect on a pen and to a billboard.