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What are the best social media networks for your audience

What are social media networks?

Basically, social media a platform that provides some sort
of space to the people worldwide to interact with each
other, they can start their own business over it, they can
communicate over different topics and can updated with
the current situation of the world.

Important Social Media Networks
 YouTube
 Instagram
 Twitter
 Pinterest
 Snapchat
 WhatsApp
 LinkedIn


YouTube is an American video sharing network. It’s
headquartered is in California. Here you need to
upload a video to get subscribers. On YouTube its all
the game of content creating. The best the Contant
the, more the subscribers.
It was developed by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and
Jawed Karim in February 2005. Later in 2006
YouTube was bought by Google.

 On YouTube you need to upload a video or
can live stream once you uploaded your video
the main thing is to gain views on it. More the
subscribers more the views. If you hit to
20,000 views you will be paid for 5 dollars
for 1000 views!

 Moreover, YouTube has started Partner
Program which allows you to get paid through

Future Trends Of YouTube:
 YouTube will remain a stupendous catalogue of
video for people. But, in coming years of 2025 and
26 YouTube will be more advanced according to
desire that its parent company will know about you
as well as YouTube history!


Instagram is an American video and photo sharing
platform. Here you can use hashtags, you can do
tagging, share stories, IG Tv’s, you can do comments
on someone post and more by just following others!

It was created by Kevin Systorm and Mike Kriger.
It was firstly launched on iOS and later in 2012 it was
introduced by android sets. Now like WhatsApp it is

owned by the owner of Facebook in $1 billions cash
and managed by them.

 On Instagram you can work as an influencer
you can work for some brands like you can share
their goods, gaining online reputation by engaging
with followers.
 You can also interact with the sponsored posts.
 The best way to earn on Instagram is to start
your own business on it.
Future Trends Of Instagram:
 Instagram is having more than 1 billion MAUs
that indicates that it is going to be smarter in the
upcoming years instead of shutting down the
 Moreover, it will enhance the buying and selling
services. That means it will be easier to earn from


Again, twitter is an American microblogging and
social sites where users can interact with each other’s
by messaging called “Tweet”.
It was founded by Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Evan
Williamsons. It was founded in March 21, 2006.
Its headquarters are in San Fransisco, California.

 You can promote affiliate products on twitter. Which
means you can promote another people’s product.
Whenever someone buys via the link shared by you
will be paid as commission. But all you need to have
a solid amount of the followers.
 You can also pay per tweet a brand can hire you, you
will tweet for their product and they will use your
tweet as their publicity and you will be paid for it.
Future Trends Of Twitter:
 Soon twitter will become an international dial tone.
Moreover, expectations are that future tweets can be
searched by search engines like Google and Bing.
That means you can find a specific tweet on the
search engines. Still, you can see the tweets of
famous or most engaged personalities but after some

years you can find out the one Which you want to


Pinterest is an American social site that allow users to
share ideas with the help of small-scale video gifs and
aesthetic images in the form of pinboards.
Currently Pinterest is having 400+ million monthly
active users. Also, it is a good platform for discovering
and creating new ideas for today’s digital generation.

It was created by Ben Bilberman, Evan Sharp and
Paul Saciarra in December 2009. Right after nine
months of its launching, Pinterest reached to 10,000

 Again, you can do affiliate marketing on Pinterest. If
you have more followers that you can optimize your account by creating pins, automate pinning process,
keyword researches.
 More interesting thing is that you can directly links
with the promotion brand. It will help you to create
awesome pins by photography and quotes and
whenever Somone pin that pinboard you will be paid
for it by the brand.
 Also, you can make your own profile it will take
some time but if you make traffic on it, you will grow
faster and can run your own professional Pinterest
account and can earn from it.
Future Trends Of Pinterest:
 Pinterest is having a vast scope in the earning field
but the users continuously sharing their ideas which
indicates that it can be a powerful source of
discovering new talent over visualization.


Snapchat is currently having 255 million active users. It is
a social network over which you can chat with a snap and
can share stories that will last for 24 hours. Also, you can
discover more interesting stories. Now adays sharing
pictures called “Snaping” reached to 20 million which
means it is getting more interacting social site all around
the world.

It is originally developed by Evan Spiegel, Bobby
Murphy and Reggie Brown. It was launched on Sep
The CEO of snapchat mentions that:

“Snapchat is not about capturing the Kodak moments it’s
about communicating with full range of human emotion- not

just appears to be pretty perfect”

~Evan Spiegel CEO

 Snapchat is one of the best and easiest, helpful social
sites to earn. It gives money-making opportunity by
launching an app called “Spotlight” which highlight
your snaps if gets viral snapchat will pay you
whenever your snap goes viral on spotlight page!
 If you have command on photography skills you just
need to clicks the pictures and post it on your profile
then by discovering feature of snapchat, people will
interact with it and you will get more subscribers.
Future Trend Of Snapchat:
 Snapchat will for sure join the virtual reality. It will
be able to turn us around the world of friends and fam
allow peers to enter ours.

Whats App:

WhatsApp is currently having 1.5 billion active users.
It is an American social software where you can send
and receive messages and voice notes or you can
voice call, video call and conference call. You can also
share some sort of picture, stickers and video clips.
You can also update status that will be removed after
24 hours.
It is developed in Feb 2009, By Brin Acton and Jan
Koum. Now it is owned by the owner of Facebook Mark
Zucker berg. Managed by the platform of Facebook and
run by Will CathCard.


 You can do affiliate marketing over WhatsApp via
URL sharing with your friends’ group and other

 Moreover, you can share your own products by the
help of file sharing feature of WhatsApp software.
Future T rends Of WhatsApp:
 WhatsApp is now owned by Mark Zuckerberg and
run by Will Cathcard. Who says that our focus is on
business and commerce rather than advertisements to
enhance the future of business on WhatsApp software.


LinkedIn is having more than 300 million Maus. It has
more than 15000 employees while it headquarters is in
Mountain View California.
It is developed 17 years ago on 5 May 2003 by Ried
Hoffman while Ryan Roslansky is the CEO of LinkedIn
professional networking site.

 It provides oriented services that operates via mobile
apps and via websites. It is the best professional
profiling networking site.
 The job seekers can make profile and drop theirs CVs
while employees post to the jobs.
 LinkedIn has over 740 million registered members in
2021 from almost 150 countries.
 It allows both the authorities workers and the
employees to make profile and interact or contact
with each other. It provides many ways to earn
money like you can interact with a group that will
grows your mailing by announcements and
giveaways for free Contant. It will help to extend
your professional profile.
 Moreover, it offers a chance to earn from the
products section where you can make a list of your
company’s product and can encourage others to give
suggestions via recommend button.
 As LinkedIn is now the best platform for job seekers
it should have to introduce pay-to-play services. It
will not be reliable to all but some people can get
access to it where connection is fee-based means that
only premium users can get benefit from this.

Future Trends Of LinkedIn:
 LinkedIn is now the world’s famous site of
professional networking.
 It will make a “LinkedIn Local” where you can find
out the profile of a certain amount of people in the
radius of your location.
 It will provide more sections to make your own lists.

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