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SMM worth in 2021 | Cortexom Innovation

Is SMM worth in 2021 ?

In order to answer it, first we need to know that what is SMM.
SMM stands for Social Media Marketing. That means to promote your business with the help of social media.
Social Media.
These are the websites and applications which allows user to interact to each other and share content (weather it is in picture form or video form) on internet, it is called social media.
Types of Social Media.
There are several types of social media.
Social Networks.
These are those websites and apps where you can share your ideas and connect to other people. The most famous social networking sites are Facebook and Twitter, with more than 3.07 million active users globally.
Media Networks.
Are those websites and apps which only allows to share media (videos and pictures) on them. The most famous medial networking sites are YouTube and TikTok , with more than 2.98 million active users globally.
Discussion Network.
Are those sites and applications which allows large amount of people to interact and discuss about their niche.
The most famous discussion networking sites are Discord and Quora.

Business on Social Media.
Many entrepreneurs like me run their small businesses on social media. Because it’s a very large market to sell on. There are billions of active users available on them. During the pandemic, we have seen ecommerce generally and on social media both get a huge growth. On the other hand local businesses went down and unfortunately they have to close their businesses. Now a days mays local business owners shifting their traditional businesses on social media. From last 10 years we are seeing people selling
physical products on social media, but now things are changing. Now people are also selling services online using social media, like plumbers, electricians etc. because people are still worried to go outside so they order that what service they want and the service provider comes at their door steps.
But the real question, is SMM worth in 2021
Yes! SMM worth in 2021, Because social media in 2021 is getting better and more important than ever. Social media has proven its worth during pandemic and shown that it is a valuable mean for business owners to convert social media consumers to their customers. But smm requires to go with trends in both technical and social developments.
Social media trends.
It is important to go with the trend to get organic reach and engagement because it is very important to do it. Because now a days people have trust issues and they hardly trusts and take advertisements seriously. Most of the people trust customer opinion. Social media suggests that instead of advertising your product, send your product to famous bloggers, reviewers because they have influenced lots of people and they have built trust with these bloggers and influencers.
Optimizing social media.
If you want to gain organic traffic you must have to optimize your social media profile. As we know the algorithm shows reverent content to the consumer. The algorithm always tries to help people. So try to interact to your customer community and ask them what they want, what they like, what they dislike, try to get their opinion, give them pole to decide, plan some giveaways, after doing this fetch that data and
give them what they want.
Social media strategy.
It is a summary of your plan you want to execute to boost your profile. Chose a smm goal which helps your business. Make smart goals to achieve which also goes successful and gives back your investment. Your goals must be specific, measureable, attainable, reverent, and time bonded.
Track insights.

Number of insights like impressions, engagements, likes, etc. it is easy to track but very difficult to improve. Try to improve them by engaging and interacting to the people and track what they really like and then target them.
Learn about audience.
Learn about your audience is the key to success on social media. So that you create content according to their interests. You must know these things about your customers’ age, location, interests, and average income. Etc.
Identify your competitor.
Get insights of your competitors. Try to get your product quality high and price low to attract their customers. Give them discounts
Do social media audit.
There are lots of websites which audits your profile and give you info about your profile that what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.
Find inspiration
It is important that your brand be unique, you can still draw inspiration from other businesses that are great on social.
Create a social media content schedule.
Sharing good content is essential, of course, but it is also important to have a plan in place for when you share content to get the maximum engagement.
 Evaluate strategy.
Your social media strategy is a highly important document for your business, and you just cannot assume you will get it exactly on point at the very first try. As you start to implement your plan and track your results, you may find that some strategies which don’t work as well as you would expected, while others are working even better than expectations.

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