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Social Media Competitor Analysis | Cortexom Innovation

what are the best third party competitor analysis tools for social media marketing?

Social media competitor analysis is a kind of analysis which is prepared with the help of examining social media competitor’s performance. Although it contains data that is public, compiling and analyzing it correctly according to the right tools and experience.
The success or failure of your work on social media is the position that you have gained among your competitors in a competition. You have to target your competitors as a benchmark when evaluating your social media outlook.
Tools :
There are 5 best third party tools for analysis of social media marketing

  1. Sociality
  2. Social bakers
  3. Sprout Social
  4. Hoot suite
  5. Brand watch
    Sociality :
    Its all about to bring your all competitors at one platform. You have to prepare
    your Facebook, Instagram and twitter report. You can make these reports in a few minutes. Now you can measure your performance and your competitor performance your have to make your fan base more stronger than your opponent’s fan base.
    Social Bakers :
    Social bakers is one of the best and one of the largest social media portals that offers in depth analysis in the Social media. Social bakers that strengths its structure everyday, that has been working since 2009. Its main purpose is to

measure and analyze the social media work of the opponents companies and the
effectiveness of social media marketing across all major networks will increase.
Sprout Social :
Its is one of the best tool to measure your social media account. Its is used to
make comparison of key performance metrics and the contents that makes you better than others. Sprout Social’s competitor reports can make you know about the tracks that are fundamental like audience growth, engagement, and post the volume for every network. In this stage you can examine your followers in detail according to demographic characteristics.
Hoot Suite :
It is the most effective tool for social media. Hoot suite is the best tool for managing, analyzing, and listening to the content. It is also used to follow your opponents, their social media activity, you can also look for specific keywords and hashtags and also you can see their customers perceive them.
Brand Watch :
With the help of brand watch Your competitor Analysis tool you will know how your brand performs with your opponents. With the help of brand watch you can gain and use your insights to reshape and improve your plans and strategy about your social media. By measuring your customers preference and their choices it will helps you to improve and add context to your competitor analysis.

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