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Social Media Marketing:
“Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service.”

Why an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy is Important | by Digital  Freak | Medium

How do I do social media marketing

  1. Choose social media marketing goals that align to business objectives.
  2. Learn everything you can about your audience.
  3. Know your competition.
  4. Do a social media audit.
  5. Set up accounts and improve profiles.
  6. Find inspiration.
  7. Create a social media content calendar.
  8. Evaluate and adjust your strategy.

Different Types of Social Media Marketing:
The different types of social media platforms to serve Ads:-
 Social networking (Facebook , Google+)
 Microblogging ( Twitter , Tumblr)
 Photo Sharing (Instagram , Snapchat , Pinterest)
 Video sharing ( Youtube , Facebook live , Periscope, Vimeo)
Why use Social media
Utilizing social media in your business strategy is one of the best way to:
o Increase brand awareness
o Connect with customers
o Promote products and services.
5 must –dos for business:
In order to give your business a fighting chance within social media ,there are 5
things you must do:-
 Identify your audience.
 Understand which channels to use.
 Develop ,plan, and share content.
 Utilize paid advertising.
 Know what is working (and what isn‘t)
The first step to successful social media marketing is to define and understand
your target audience.
a) Define who they are:-
There are 3 areas to consider:-

  1. Identfy which of your products/sservice are most proftable?
    Who purchase these/s
  2. Identfy the type of customer that is the easiest to work with.
    Which products or services to they purchase most?
  3. Identfy what product /s service you wish to grow?
    Who purchase these the most?

B) Define what they want or what is important to them:-
 Customer service
 Specific price point
 Convenience of location
 How its made
C) Define any challenges or obstacles you may face when marketing:-
 Fear of change
 Higher price point than what they are paying now
 Longer drive
 New technology

  1. Chaiielsg:
    The second step is to understand which networks align with your audience and
    marketng goals.
    Of total internet users:-
    A) 68% engage with Facebook

B) 26% engage with Pinterest
C) 28% engage with Instagram
D) 25% engage with Linkedln
E) 21% engage with Twitter
Understand your Chaiielsg:

  1. Facebook remains the most popular social media marketing:
    Online users who engage with Facebook includes:-
    a) 83% of women
    b) 88% of 18-29 years old
    c) 84% of 30-49 years old
    d) 72% of 50-64 years old
    e) 62% of 65+ year old
    f) 75% of people who earn $50K-$74K
    g) 77% of people who earn$75K+

2.Instagram is social Marketing are made for sharing photos aid video from a
Online users who engage with Instagram includes:-
a)38% of women
b)59% of 18- 29 year old
c)38% of people who earn less than $30K

  1. Costumers use Twitter to broadcast short:brust message to the world, with
    the hoee that their messages are useful aid listening:
    Online users who engage with Twitter include:-
    a) 25% of women

b) 24% of men
c) 36% of 18-29 year old
d) 30% of people who earn $75K
4 .Linkedli is a social network for erofessioialsg:
Online users who engage with linkedln include:-
a) 31% of men
b) 34% of 18-29 year old
c)33% of 30-49 year old
d) 45% of people who earn $75K

  1. Pinterest allow users to visually share aid discover iew iiterests byp eiiiiin
    Online users who engage with Pinterest includes:-
    a) 45% of women
    b) 36% of 18-29 year old
    c) 34% of 30-49 years old
    d) 35% of people who earn $75K
  2. Coiteitg:
    Social media feeds on content. Great content helps lead, guide and direct
    potential customers through their buyers journey.
    There are 3 things to remember when planning content:-
  3. Understand your audience
  4. Map their buyers journey
  5. Create content they want to consume.

Use facebook inexpensive ,paid advertsing optons to reach your best
audience because less than 0.5 percent of your fans actually see your page
With target ads you can:-
 Gain beter insight on your best clients
 Increase your organizaton ‘s brand awareness.
 Receive higher conversion rates more cost effectvely.
Facebook s paid ad optons include:-

  1. Like ads
  2. Click ads
  3. Boosted posts
     The main goal of like ads is to increase your following on
    Facebook. These ads are also targeted towards a specific audience
    that you want to like your page.
     Click ads are targeted ads aimed at driving people to your website
    through link clicks. we can select at specific porton of the
    population to receive the ad on f.
     Boosted posts are posts from your page that, for a fee, appear
    higher on users, News feeds.

First, you must develope goal for your social media marketing .
These goals will set a foundation for your social media marketing
Second, Payp ateitoi to your social media analyptics
There is no reason to continue posting about a certain topic or running
a specific ad if it is not performing well

Here are the top analytcs you should paying atenton to.

 Like/follower growth
 Reach
 Audience demographics
 Content likes, reactions and mentions
 Comments, replies and share

  1. Reviewg:
  2. Who your best customers are
  3. Where you can reach them
  4. What type of content to develop
  5. How to promote your content
  6. What is working

Beiefit of social media marketing:

  1. Better customer satisfaction
  2. Improved search engine ranking
  3. Increased brand awareness
  4. More inbound traffic
  5. improved brand loyalty
  6. Cost effective
  7. Higher conversion rates
    Benefits of Social media marketing:
     Better communication with customer
     Increased sales
     Increased brand awareness
     Better market research
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