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Competitor Analysis Tools

Do you know what your competitors are and what they offer?
Monitoring and assessing your competitor are important
because it allows you to see and respond to change in
the business landscape while helping you identify gaps in
the market and uncover new market trends. Competitor
monitoring can also give your insight into new products
or services your brand might want to develop and new
marketing or sales tactics that resonate with your target
If you really want to get to know the competition, you
need to conduct an analysis of your competitor. A
competitor analysis in marketing is a strategy where you
identify your brand, products, sales, and marketing

Competitor analysis allows you to keep an eye on what
similar brands are selling, what value they offer, and how
they market to the target audience. In addition to
competitor tracking, you can also create a competitor
response profile, which allows you to predict what
movies your competitors will make in the future based
on the insights, you’ve gained through research. This
information can later help you create your own
a comprehensive strategy that allows you to improve on
what your competitors are doing.
If you have never conducted a competitor analysis or the
The last analysis you ran is outdated or not detailed enough,
it may be time to create a new one. In this guide, we’ll
discuss how competitor analysis tools help you discover
new insights into the competition. We’ll also dive a little
deeper into how you can utilize the information you’ve
gathered in your analysis to get ahead of the
Why competitor analysis tools are a must-have

The good news though? there are a ton of competitor
analysis tools out there to help you quickly and efficiently
assess how you stack up against your top competitors.

And with the right tools on deck, you can spend less
trying to date on your competitors and more time
actually marketing.
Rather than spending too much time trying to spy on
your competitors, why not let some smart tools do the
leg work for you?
we have broken down a comprehensive list of
competitor analysis tools that will help you do exactly
 Competitor analysis tools for social media
 Competitor analysis tools for SEO
 Competitor analysis tools for content
 Competitor analysis tools for email ads and

What is a competitor analysis
Easy one
Identifying and evaluating your competitors. Their
strengths and weaknesses. How they compare to your
What level of brand awareness do your competitors give
in your market? More or less than your brand? Find their

prices, earnings reports, share prices, customer care
best practices, company culture, distribution, and a
a whole lot more.
Use these insights to fine-tune your brand’s marketing
strategy. To outsmart your competitors.
If you’d like more info, I suggest you read How to
conduct a competitor analysis. Recommended by
experts, it’s a comprehensive guide explaining the what,
why, and how of competitor analysis.
Why do competitor analysis?
I’ve already said that you’ll be able to boost your own
marketing strategy. You’ll find new areas of opportunity
that are proving successful to your competitors, that
you’ve missed. For instance, countries you should be
targeting that are working for them.
Okay…. Enough.
If you’d like to learn more, take a look at how to conduct
a competitor analysis. It’s a comprehensive guide
explaining the what, why, and how of competitor
Now let’s look at some tools ….

Best competitor analysis tools
Using competitor analysis tools software or apps will help
you find information about your competition’s marketing
strategies and the secrets to their success within your
shared market. competitor analysis tools like the 12 I’ve
found below will save you time while identifying data
you may normally miss.
The Cool thing? while these tools will help you
understand your competitors, they will also monitor your
own web performance and find the data on your
a company that you need to continuously improve.
Competitor analysis tools for social media
Quick search
I’m kicking off with my personal favorite.
Talk walkers powerful social media search engine- quick
search gives you an instant overview of your brand
online. brining extensive coverage of social networks,
news sites, blogs, and forums you will be able to monitor
the conversations surrounding your brand, the influences
talking about you, and the trends in your industry

working in real-time you can enter multiple brands- you
competitors- and compared sentiment with 90%
accuracy also discover audience demographics gender,
locations, mentions, and using filters you can dig deep
into trends and find the stories that are currently

Quick-search -enter the brand you want to compare, for
instant insights.
Boom! You know how your competitors are performing.
Areas you’re missing out on. Ideas for content creation
that are going to resonate with consumers.

Quick search – Nike v Reebok v Adidas – compare share
of countries.
Competitor analysis tools for SEO
SEMRush is one of the most widely used SEO tools on
the market, but its competitor analysis features set them
apart from the pack. for starters, you can use SEMRush
to pull your competitor’s backlinks and monitor changes
in their ranking

Here’s a sample dashboard after running a domain
analysis for freecodecamp.

And here’s the piece of the analysis which provides a by
the numbers view of who’s competing for their

This is an invaluable tool for understanding who your
competition is from a strictly SEO perspective. Likewise,
high lightening what keywords are targeted by
competitors directly influence your own content

Competitor analysis tools for content


Buzzsumo allows you to look at top-performing content
for relevant topics for your brand and specific
competitors. the to look at the piece of content in
judgment on social sites as well as its total shares across
the web.

Not only does this clue you in on who’s killing it in terms
of industry content, but also it helps you identify
potentially hot topics to explore yourself.

whether you are looking for movers and shakers in your
industry or simply a new idea for a blog post, Buzzsumo
provides you with a definitive answer.

Competitor analysis tools for emails ads and

Mail charts

email marketing is arguably one of the most Teddy
channels for competitive analysis.
Recognizing this mail charts aggregates emails from
compacting campaigns to help influence your own. in
addition to grabbing subject lines, mail charts pulls data
such a send frequency and compares it to your business
campaigns to see where your email stand.
Additionally, the tool compares your campaigns to there
own massive library of marketing emails to ensure you
are in tune with best practice ( think timing frequency
subject line length etc.)

Not only is a mail chart a powerful competitor analysis
tool, but its website offer a tone of email examples to
draw inspiration. pulling from some of the biggest
campaigns out there, you get a better idea of what today
top- performing emails look like.