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What are social media algorithm?

Following are the social algorithm:
 Facebook
 Twitter
 Instagram
 Netflix
 Snapchat
 Whatsapp
 Youtube

  1. Facebook:
    Facebook is an American technology.
    It was founded by Mark Zunckerberg. It is a global
    social networking service. Facebook is one of the
    world most valuable compnies. In 2017 facebook
    opened office in London. We made account on
    facebook. Every person post the picture on the

facebook. We saw the picture and we commented
on this picture. Every person use facebook. People
can create profiles, share information and quotes
about themselves. We made account on facebook
to connect with friends. Now a days every activity
is done on facebook.
Online social networking website.

  1. Twitter:
    The full meaning of twitter is “Typing
    What I am thinking that everyone’s reading”. Twitter
    is also a free networking services. Twitter is an
    online service that allow you to share updates with
    other persons. Peoples use mobile phone or laptops to
    send or read messages on twitter. Messages can be
    send or receive on twitter. Every person use twitter.
    People can use twitter to talk with their friends.
    Example: Netflix culture making content.
  2. Instagram:

The word Instagram is an amalgam
off “Instant camera and telegram”. Instagram is an
online sharing service. Instagram is an allow to
apply different types of photo. Most of the person
apply their on photo on Instagram. People made
their accounts or Instagram to upload their photos
and chat with other person.
Example: Use bulk upload to tell a story.

  1. Netflix:
    Netflix is a subscription based streaming service
    that allows our members to watch T.V show and
    movies. You can watch as match as you want.
    You watch a single commercial. Netflix is a
    word leading media. In netflix account, you pay

a monthly subscription and get access to and
unlimited amount of content.
Example: information system.

  1. Snapchat:
    Snapchat is a mobile app. We send
    messages and talk with one another on snapchat
    photo and videos taken with the app all called
    snaps. Snapchat memory is a personalized album
    of snaps and stories. Each snap appears story of the
    last 24 hours. We take picture on snapchat and
    upload story.
    Example: Netflix and adidas.
  2. WhatsApp:

Whatsapp is a platform. Whatapp is
especially popular. Whatsapp is founded in 2009.
Every person have whatsapp account. It is also a
social media algorithm. People send and receive
messages on whatsapp. We send images and videos
on whatsapp.
Example: Alert updates.

  1. YouTube:
    YouTube is a social algorithm. It is a
    online sharing platform. People made videos and
    posted on YouTube. YouTube is very popular social
    media. Everyone saw any types of thing on
    YouTube. Children saw poems on YouTube. We
    download movies and songs on YouTube. Most of

the people earn money with the using of YouTube.
YouTube is one of the most power full instrument.
YouTube has allowed more easily engage one
person to another.
Example: Clearly communication.

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