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When is your brand available to engage and interact with customers?

Whether you are trying to reposition an existing brand or develop an identity of new
product, brand or service. Your success is not only depending on distinctive brand strategy,
but on a well-executed launch. If u are repositioning existing brand, everyone in relationship
with your brand need to know about it. If you are launching a new brand, u need to create
that relationship from the group up.
Before the launch of a brand some steps might help in its success.
 Gain a deeper understanding of target population:
As an entrepreneur we know that
customers are lifeblood of a business. Without targeting proper audience or
population its very hard to get through the steps of successful business. Clearly
defining target audience gives you direction in your marketing, facilitate more
consistency in your messaging and allows you to connect with customers.
 Make your brand’s value proposition:
Before launching a product or starting a new
brand, you are supposed to know about the customer’s need. And also about how
your product will fulfill that need or solving the customer’s problem.
One more thing should be consider before starting to launch a
product is assure population that how is your proposed product or solution is
different from the other existing brands or products.
 Establish core message:
Its crucial to establish a very clear message about your product
and company. How its different with the other products or brands around your
circle. It helps you to build a convincing case as to why customers should choose
your product.
Be concise when developing the message; analyse how well it matches up to what
customers are seeking to make their lives better and easier.
 Construct a meaningful strategy:
One more important step should be taken before the
launch of your product is to make strategies about how to cope with the challenges
at every stage of buyer’s journey. Content making strategy is also one of the most

important task before brand/product launch. If your content is interesting,
meaningful and helpful, you have more chance to attract more people.
 Team work:
For a successful business, team work is the key to open up the new bright
future. behind a new product there are more than one person’s efforts and without
the help of every employee its really hard to meet the criteria and expectations of
 Marketing of initial launch:
Use the power of media and technology is one of the key
ingredient in a successful business. The craze of using web services or browsing
increase day by day.
According to a recent study more than 60% of customers are came after watching
web advertisements. A good quality of marketing material before a launch of a new
product or brand is proved a plus point to increase the number of customers.
 Managed Brand logo:
Brand logo is a first impression of product and the identity of the
brand. It grabs viewers attention and communicate a company’s value in an
interesting way. The colours, font and design of a brand logo should be managed
and carefully be selected before the product launching.
It is the first thing that your audience will look for when
they see any communications from your product. When your business grows, your
logo is becoming more familiar to consumers.
 Blog or forum discussion.
Discuss with the people around you or worldwide about what will
be the new product or what type of things should be introduce in your new product.
Human psychology is really active when its asked for suggestions. Invite people in
forums and discuss the needs and solutions.
Engage customers by answering their suggestions. Introduce a
survey if possible with multiple options of answers which are close to the target
population’s choices.
 Brand ambassador:
A famous person like celebrity, cricketer, model can be helpful in launching
a new business or a new product. Already known people can be attraction of your
brand. Brand ambassador help to build trust in consumers regarding new things that
will be introduce by your brand.
 Launch day:
Publish a launch date of your surprised new product of new brand. But the
launch date must be out 50-60 days before the day. It makes audience excited. Try
to organise an event online or onsite depending on your budget.
Brand launch messaging also used for making customers up
to date with what is going to happen in future.
 Pre-orders opportunities:
Pre orders are become sometimes advantage if you are trying to
launch some new products in your existing brands. Someone might expect that

having the product and worried that it will be sold out. It’s a good option for the
new product that you are going to launch in few days.

 Giveaways:
The trend of giveaways increase by time and for the promotion of products.
The existing brands or new brands attract the community especially people who are
active on social media by promoting this mode of promotion.
Contest is one more way to drive customer to get a chance by
winning discounted coupons. With this step many brands can attract targeted

For a prosperous business customers satisfaction and relationship with brand are
the most important things. The emotional connection between customer and
company is the prime factor of the growth of business. Interaction with customers
are more important than the promotion of products. Answer every
query/complaints with proper knowledge and honest facts help the customers to
build trust in company procedures and methods. Treat your customer like royalty.
You need to put the customers needs forefront Of everything. Respond customer
very early its possible. The feedback of every customer is very important in the
growth of business wether its good or bad. For this purpose customer service program is
the best option which helps to engage with customers choice and opinions. It’s very
important to be transparent in communication with customers. If it’s especially about the
mistake of your product.
Free trials for new customers is also an option for customer to introduce
your products. Many of the customers do try this option while according a study 30% of
customers upgrade for premium account within two weeks of trial. It’s give the insight of
customers appreciation as well.

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