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Which Social Networks are best for social media marketing | Cortexom Innovcation

Start your business by social networks and make the best profit. Use your social media apps in a better way and start earning ; no interview ,no degree. Just skills. Make a better profit than a company or shop by social media marketing . World class opportunities on your doorstep .

Most popular social media networks:
Top five and the most popular networks in the world of social media.

  1. Facebook.
  2. Instagram
  3. YouTube
  4. Pinterest
  5. OLX
  6. Link den
    Social media advertising:
    Advertisement on social media networks is the best way in social media marketing.any one can become a billion .If he /she has skills and can do a little effort.

Marketing on Facebook:
The ads we see on the Facebook are paid.There are many facbook ads format. All you have to do is to add a unique advertisment that attractes people’s attention. Advertising on Facebook can be the most rewarding,becasuse 2.8 billion people use Facebook And many people have more than one account and pages. And Facebook is one of the biggest social network .Facebook can be very beneficial for social marketing

  1. Make a page of your brand or company or product.
  2. Add the video for your advertisement.
  3. News feed .
  4. Keep the ads up to date.
  5. Try to answer the questions of the people
  6. If someone wanted to buy your product then deal him/her in good manner By using this technique the customer will advertise your brand and your products by telling to his/her Friends ,relatives etc.
  7. After some time you will be able to handle a small business.
  8. And gradually you can grow your business even more.

Marketing on Instagram:
Like other social networks, Instagram can also be used for social media marketing Over 1 billion people in the world use Instagram .New generation loves this social network very much because actors , singers, politicians, cricketrs,football players, hockey players and almost all celebrities use this app. On Instagram you can start small and big business by advertising your company, brand or product which can be seen by people of every type and every class. We can use the same advertising methods on Instagram as we did on Facebook Actually Facebook and Instagram are not the same apps but they are connected to each other.

Marketing on YouTube:
YouTube is one of the best way of social media advertising. There are many people who had nothing but they started their career from YouTube and are now they are rich . Every person has its own dreams and goals. For example if a person started a company and he do not wanted to spend his money on Television advertisement Then he can upload a video of his brand , product or company. There are many other examples of advertising on social media
For example: A mobile company stats a company so that company will send its new products to Tech youtubers. To unbox their product or a member of company will unbox the product and will give the complete detail of their new handset Now a days when ever we need to buy a new handset the first thing we do is to go on and check the new devices we can buy so there are 91% chances that we watch the video of that handset uploaded and advertised by the company. Similarly Laptops, computers cars, motorbikes tables, chairs other furniture stuff, toys can be advertised by YouTube advertising As time goes on the subscribers and views will increase, All you have to do is just keep your channel up to date . We can also do that whenever famous videos or movies are played by a user YouTube will show the ad before showing the video. So this is the modern technique or trick of social media advertising. People earn a lot of money by YouTube .This social network is an opportunity for any one to become a billionaire at home by doing a little effort and investment.

Marketing on Pinterest:
A Pinterest is an picture ,image or a photo sharing social network or, we can also say that it is a social media service. We can also share our ideas tips and techniques on this network By using it, we can put the pictures of our products on the Internet.
For example: if a painter wants a clue for his /her new painting he/she will defiantly get the idea on Pinterest. If a carpenter wants to built a chair or a table with a unique design than that carpenter can also search on Pinterest And this will help him a lot. Any body can share his/her ideas advertise their products and can earn. Pinterest is easier for people to get the complete details of the ideas and products available in Pinterest Pinterest is also one of the best social network for social media marketing.
Marketing on OLX:
The abbreviation of OLX is Offline Express . OLX is also one of the best social network for social media marketing. Anyone can advertise anything, whether it’s new or old. And it is totally free of cost. It is a market place or a platform where anybody can advertise any thing. A business man can advertise his company , brand or products. Even a kid can upload an ad of his toys bicycle . They also have to upload the price and complete
details of their product. This social network is not that much beneficial because you have earn through people .The OLX will give you nothing. It only provides a platform for marketing but suppose if you have a mobile shop, there is nothing wrong with uploading your ad on this this social network. This will give relief to the customers to look at your ad and see what items you have instead of coming to your store. And what is their prices?

Marketing on Link den:
Link den is an American online service that operates via a website or mobile application. This is also one of the best platform for networking or professional networking. The programmers and software developers advertise their software’s on this social network. A person who is a job seeker will post his/her CVs in this social network. A job seeker can see the vacancies of many companies at home. He / she does not have to go to the office. He / she is sitting at home, And can know which vacancy is available and suitable for him / her.

Social media platforms in 2021:
Social media provides many platforms to start a career, All you have to do is to focus on advertisement. Friends Understand that opportunity is something you have lost but, take it wherever you find it. A common man or a middle class man should never miss an opportunity. Always remember Rich men are born with the opportunities they can waste. Social media marketing is a platform that will provide you best results by using social media apps in a good way and for the best purpose.

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